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Cheeky Bloks

A topic by cheeky bloks created Oct 31, 2017 Views: 285 Replies: 2
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Early Birds Discount On Both Cheeky Bloks Games

This designed as a fun game for kids, and is a project I have been working on for a few months. With  a simple three-key control, this is simple but good quality. Though there is a single  and a two player mode, the two player is co-operative-you both have to win (although only one of you has to die!!!) Although I started programming over one and a half years ago, this is my first commercial game, and I am selling it to make money for a city-wide project, The Big Challenge, which is a project to let young people start a business (see the website for more). I am a school child, aged 11, who is interested in programming, and technology in general.

1 player: https://cheeky-bloks.itch.io/cheeky-bloks-v1-single-player

2 player:https://cheeky-bloks.itch.io/cheeky-bloks-v1

0's & X's game coming soon, 1&2 player,  difficulty levels 1-100. <warning: level 100 is literally impossible>

It will be themed in the same way as the old game.


I am also working on an Android app for Cheeky-Bloks, but it might be a while till it's available. 
Note: this might interfere with the 0's & X's development.