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A topic by sebiTCR created Oct 30, 2017 Views: 118 Replies: 5
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Do some plugins for Unreal Engine 4 or Unity to play multiplayer by or to show leaderboards for a game


We don't have any networked services yet, but we hope to have them soon.

What's planned?


Minimally achievements and leaderboards through our API. After that, some kind of file upload and sharing for games, which could include images, levels, mods, etc. ala Steam workshop.

Nice. Will it extend to multiplayer stuff? Can i make a web mmo running on itchio because im too lazy/cheap to buy my own dedicated servers?


That's a bit more complicated. No immediate plans to do anything like that since the  requirements of MMOs tend to be quite complicated, and running that kind of infrastructure isn't something we'd like to do. Some basic matchmaking would be a reasonable thing for us to add though