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A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Ability To Remove Leader Cards From Deck?

A topic by ColeWunderlich created Oct 30, 2017 Views: 322 Replies: 8
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I feel like being able to swap cards in and out of the leader deck would be very useful.  I realize you wouldn't be able to move equipment cards in and out without changing equipment, but I feel like being able to edit the learned leader cards would be very useful.  Some of the weak cards you start with just become clutter in your leader deck later in the game.

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Yeah, I've just talked about this briefly in your other post - it's something I've been thinking about for a while.

I don't want the leader deck to be as malleable as the follower deck because I want the one to be constantly in flux while the other one is slowly changed and improved. But an option to trim it down may be needed.

One thing I had in mind (and built, then removed) is that you can go to a teacher to either learn a card or forget a card. But this sort of double-use of that location did not feel good. Maybe there needs to be another location type where you can simply forget a card? But that may add too many different locations. I'll need to think on it.

Edit: Another option would be that whenever you learn a card, you also discard a card from your deck, so you stay at the same card count, but replace old cards slowly. Not sure how much I like that, yet. Just brainstorming here...

Yeah its a tough call.  I think a good happy medium would be to have a max leader deck size.  Once you hit the size cap, you have to forget/remove a card to add a new one.  This keeps the deck static while still allowing for improvements and modification over time.  This would add the additional decision of not only which card you want, but which one you want to replace.

You could also have the deck cap expand with player level if you wanted to allow for larger decks later in the game.  I will say though, I have played a lot of TCGs and you ALWAYS want the smallest deck allowed.  Going over the minimum cap inevitably leads to inefficiency and lower performance, so theres that to consider too. 


I knew I wouldn't be the only one to want more access to the Leader deck.  In every card game like this, people will always want the ability to fully customize their decks.  Always!

Its just more fun when you can set up combos between cards.  

It sucks when you draw cards that you don't like, and can't remove them from the deck.

I don't think the Leader deck needs to be static and stable, just to be different from the follower deck.  There are already differences between the Leader deck and the Follower deck.  

Even if you gave us full access to edit the Leader deck, we wouldn't fiddle with it as much as with the follower deck.  Because there is no need to.  With the follower deck you need to constantly swap out wounded followers (talking about beta version), and put in new recruits.  With the Leader deck, you would basically only alter your deck if you gain a new card, or if you need to change your strategy and overhaul your deck.

I don't really think that by allowing editing, it makes the game a lot "more complex".   With card games like this, people are already very much used to being able to edit decks.

I agree with you here.  I think the lack of card options for the leader deck (at least initially) means little to no fiddling where as the large number of options for the follower deck leads to more need for customization.

 I will say though, I have played a lot of TCGs and you ALWAYS want the smallest deck allowed.  Going over the minimum cap inevitably leads to inefficiency and lower performance, so theres that to consider too. 

While this is true for other games, its not really the case in this game.

In this game you don't want the smallest deck allowed.

In this game you can go run around with 1 follower, but that's obviously a terrible idea.   I like how there is no minimum number of followers, and how you really Don't need a minimum.   If you run around with a very tiny deck, with all the best followers, your deck will either do really well, or it will run out of cards, in which case you die.  (soon you might even take dmg each turn for running out of cards)

The Recycle feature (that you can use every turn) also has a huge effect.   You can choose to run a bigger deck, and then have the freedom to keep using Recycle every turn, to freely draw for cards that favor you in a certain position.  If you play a very tiny deck, you can't go discarding many cards, for fear that you will run out.

You can have as many copies of 1 card as you want.  You can run as many copies of Power Cards as you want.  Therefore you are not really "watering down your deck" when you have a decently large deck, because its just many copies of the same very powerful cards.


Yeah, right now I'm pretty particular to the "after a certain point adding a card means removing a card" solution. Maybe that's every second level, or maybe it's a fixed card number (which I'm not too fond of though). I'll think on it. 

Or maybe as you level up you get "learn" and "forget" points (maybe not at the same rate). And you can then spend those points to learn a card (costs batteries) or forget a card (costs batteries too) as you want. but that makes the interface more complicated...


Sorry no suggestions on how, but wanted to say that this mechanic should definitely be implemented.  I kept searching for the ability to edit the leader deck, cause intuitively it makes sense haha. There's even the infograph that displays the card cost graph, but what's the point if you can't edit the deck.


Well, I've put some thought into it and the current plan is:

  • The leader can always forget a card, up to a minimum deck size.
  •  Forgetting a card costs batteries. 
  • Forgetting a card permanently removes that card.