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Memories Update 0.4

A topic by Dale Green created Oct 29, 2017 Views: 81
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Hi all,

I released a big update for my game today taking the games previous version (0.3) from RMXP to RMMV in 0.4

Because MV has lots more functionality and customisations, these have helped improve the game even more.

See the devlog shown below and take a look at the game :D

0.4 is out in the wild and ready to play.

It's been a long time coming since I started the rebuild a few months ago and I'm glad it's finally arrived because now I can start working on the story again.

Below is a list of changes that have been made since 0.3:

  • Ability to play on Android using the "Android" version of 0.4
  • Can click to move now instead of using the arrow keys (if preferred)
  • Some of the maps in the game have been replaced with an "Overworld"
  • Battling is now based on side-view instead of front-facing
  • Engine overhaul from RMXP to RMMV
  • Default battle windows have been customised
  • Ability to compare new equipment's stats
  • Can change between the default font and Montserrat
  • Decreased random encounter frequency
  • Some of the original map sizes have been increased (so you're not playing the same map size all the time)

I hope you guys enjoy the latest update and I hope you'll stick around for future updates too.

You can follow the game's progress by clicking the follow button at the top right

As always guys, stay tuned!