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Dreams Made of Cotton - Action RPG

A topic by Flyinglegends_Studio created Oct 28, 2017 Views: 87
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Dreams Made of Cotton is a story-driven action RPG that I have planned to do for a long time.  And now I have  started to do it.  Here is some more information:

Dreams Made of Cotton tells the story of a world named Byssumia. An evil bad guy has transformed everyone to a soft toy. Only he and his robots are alive. But then one soft toy comes to life. It's you. As a side effect you can now transform yourself from soft toy to human and from human to soft toy. With this ability you start to explore the beautiful world of Byssumia and discover the story behind everything. And most importantly, you have to find a way to save the world.

(The graphics will be improved (hopefully)).

What is done?

  • All the basic things are programmed.
  • The start of the game.

Feel free to comment, give feedback and ask anything (Well, anything related to the game).

If you want to support this game, you can do it here: