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2URVIVE available (Full game & Demo)

A topic by 2BAD GAMES created Oct 28, 2017 Views: 156 Replies: 4
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Hello everybody, 

2URVIVE is an Indie top down shooter. 
The action takes place in a devastated world (as always ^^). 
Inspired by classic zombie movies, the Infected are everywhere. 
Follow Alan and John, two brothers who try to run away from this nightmare ! 
Kill the Infected and survive are your objectives. 
All game modes can be played in Co-op with a friend (or bots if you don't have one!)
Be ready for a bloody top down shooter. 

For the launch on the game is 50% off (2,49$)

I hope you'll like the game, give me your feedbacks,

Good game.



You forgot linking to the game. :P

Oops sorry the link is added, Thank you


Thanks for sharing, looks great. I put it up on the homepage.

Thank you @leafo ;)