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How do I use this tool?

A topic by beppe9000 created 1 year ago Views: 278 Replies: 3
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I would like to make one of those backgrounds and export it. What format is the export? How do I use it in other gaemes?

I went to the "desktop" clicked the icon and then a crash stating it could not find the start menu file or somethig like that...



deityrpgmaker should have a help file next release to explain how to use each tool and how to build areas in version 0.3

at this stage the tool cannot export the layers yet as well as this the os side of the engine is not fully developed


also thankyou for the feedback, I didnt realise you could access the desktop still and thankyou for the idea of using the toolkit as an export tool, didnt think about that

Oh, I see. For the export feature I think you should make some file format that holds information about layers, parallax, offsets etc., like a companion xml file, so that using it can be easy! Let me know when you release a newer version!