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LFS - general artist(s) (pixel, drawn, photo rips, 3D modeller) for abstract shooter

A topic by true&honestdev created Oct 22, 2017 Views: 130
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A team comprised of myself, a musician and a programmer are looking for a person/people interested in providing custom graphics for HOLY WOOD: THE J. GOLDBLUM CONTINGENCY PLAN, an abstract Goldeneye/Doomlike with a retro FPS and sometimes serious, sometimes shitposty/deliberately cheap-looking aesthetic.

Right now we're mostly building things using cubes and sprites and free domain images, so anything along these lines would be amazing:

Doom-style pixel art
Quake-style 3D models (no rigging necessary)
Seamless textures for walls, floors, ceilings
Decals for walls and floors (stains, etc.)

As a result, we welcome artists of any skill level. The models especially should probably be at the least as, well, quality as this: 

Here's an older WIP walkthrough of HOLY WOOD's first few rooms: 

You'll be fully credited as part of the team. It is however a non-profit project (at least at the moment). If you want to know more about what's been done so far and what the future plan is, feel free to message me.