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Children of Midnight: Coven Digital Development Bundle

Wyld Witches and their covens taking on entrenched power structures in a dark modern day setting. · By Balsamic Moon Games Collective

Children of Midnight - Faction Discussions Sticky

A topic by Balsamic Moon Games Collective created Jul 17, 2021 Views: 56
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This topic is for Community-Driven discussions about how Factions are being used at your gaming table (whether these are part of the existing 28 Factions in  "Children of Midnight Playtest Factions" or new Factions generated by fans, GMs and players).

Any ideas generated here may be added to the Children of Midnight game canon and contributors will be given credit in "Children of Midnight Playtest Factions" as well as any future work which their content is added to as creator/author/inspiration (as appropriate).