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Launch your spider drone at walls, ceilings, and enemy heads in this shooter where "move" and "attack" are synonymous. · By Evan Todd

General Feedback

A topic by Stranger created Oct 19, 2017 Views: 172
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Not clear why you can't leap, should have a clear indicator why (range,terrain,etc).

In tight corners the camera gets stuck and feels awful since it collides with terrain - see NS2 comment
No indicator in the graphics options that you can scroll down and see more.
Can't sort server browser list by server creator/map/gamemode/player count/ms

Not enough granularity in mouse sensitivity

Probably should have fov options.

There should be a dedicated weapon slot for the jump and don't swap automatically back to the jump after you use your weapon/item.
The "feeling" of something is very hard to explain and quantify, I would highly suggest you try out the alien life forms in the game Natural Selection 2. I can't really explain it but yea the skulk expecially. You can set an auto stick to the wall which in the aspect of NS2 is not useful it will mimick how your character is bound in Deceiver while showing you the feeling of moving.

Sorry for the ramble I am very tired right now and Natural Selection 2 is the best game ever btw.