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Controller issues

A topic by Potatoes Are Not Explosive created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 403 Replies: 7
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I just figured I'd start a whole thread for controller related issues because my XBox One USB controller doesn't work. I'm running Windows 10 and the same controller works just fine for every other game I've used it for.

Demo was great!

Anyone else having controller issues? We could just dedicate this thread as a "Post controller issues here" deal.


DS4 only works atm!

Making a  fix now :)

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sorry to bother you but i got a new weird bug that happen with the xbox one wireless version which could glitch up when pressed maintained also, all the touchs is not working excepted the Y and select touch that worked fine. oh and i'm on windows 7 64bits pro and the version of  your game is  1.2.

So, I checked it out with the 8Bitdo SNES bluetooth controller, and it works great in X-Input mode.

But with the telerod on the right trigger, :( the SNES controller is lacking that button. I mean, it’s a super non-standard controller with far fewer buttons than “normal” anymore, so not a big deal. But just thought I could mention it.


There will be key remapping in the full game for sure!!

Fortunately, so far Steam controller mapping works well enough. :)


Using a DS3, navigation on menus are too sensitive.

Btw, lovely game. Get all the feels right with only ambient sounds. Clearly see that a lot of work been done. :D


I'm on a Mac.  I needed to plug my Dualshock 4 controller in before starting the game, or it wouldn't be detected until later.  Once I got to the part where you can use the "A" key to do something, it suddenly detected my controller.

By the way, the program Enjoyable worked fine to map keys from my controller as well.  So if anyone on a Mac has a controller that is not detected by Nykra I can recommend it.

On the PC I own a copy of XPadder for the same purpose, which I also recommend.  I bought XPadder over 7 years ago and the author still gives free updates.

I preordered as soon as I completed the demo.