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Bitsy Game Maker

Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

some bugs & ux annoyances

A topic by mark wonnacott created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 211 Replies: 6
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  • after creating an exit, and now creating a new one: the destination tile picker doesn't seem to work until you change room in the dropdown and then back again
  • room picker dropdown in exit ui doesn't seem to reflect deleted rooms properly, and sometimes shows duplicates
  • deleting a tile doesn't update the tile browser properly (not sure if it does nothing, or if it visually removes the wrong tile until you tab in/out  again)
  • bitsy remembers some ui options, but not that i turned off the screen editor grid, or the colour i set the download game background to be (a nice default would the background color of the first palette!)
  • mouse can often just stuck thinking it's held down, so you leave a trail of junk tiles when you move your mouse
  • when deleting screens, even if it's not the active one, the actively selected screen seems to jump to another


  • can duplicate many things, but not palettes :(
  • the page has a fixed height instead of expanding to the full browser (i use the version)
  • tile browser doesn't use the full vertical space of the page, and i also wish it were wider (i'm working with ~50 tiles)
  • no way to tell which sprite of many copies is in the current screen (could show an id number or something?)
  • "add exits" always misleads me, i think i can click on it then click on the map to add a new exit -- but instead i trash the tile i'm clicking on because all i've done is open the exits window
  • really wish i could name things, it becomes very hard
  • the exits destination picking seems to have some transparency/onion-skinning effect but it's not clear to me which screen it's showing and why
  • i wish the dialogue text box was taller when i'm writing more than two lines (or maybe just generally)
  • i wish the tile browser had the "add drawing" button rather than the drawing viewer

it's a long list but only because i'm spending so much time in bitsy because i'm enjoying using it so much!!

thanks for writing these up mark! sorry I took a while to respond. I'm heads down finishing up a big update to the way dialog works. when that's done (in a couple of weeks) these are the kinds of usability things I'd like to tackle next. I may come ask you some follow up questions then!

hey mark, do you mind clarifying this one? "when deleting screens, even if it's not the active one, the actively selected screen seems to jump to another"

by screens do you mean rooms?

yes sorry, i mean rooms - i'm not sure what i meant by "even if it's not the active one" since now i think about it you can't delete anything but the currently viewed room?

yeah that was what was confusing me actually! let me know if you recall what was bothering you - maybe it's which room you go to after you delete one?


i'd like to add to this something important i just remembered: it can be very easy to forget you're in playtest mode and all the editors behave very weirdly when that's the case (e.g not permitting changes or other things), it would be good if they could look locked in some way when playtesting

good point!