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Launch your spider drone at walls, ceilings, and enemy heads in this shooter where "move" and "attack" are synonymous. · By Evan Todd

Controls Feedback

A topic by ZacFierce created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 156 Replies: 2
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Hey Evan! Had some fun playing Deceiver yesterday with you. I had some feedback on the controls I thought I'd write up and share with you. I've been playing with a mouse and keyboard for the most part. I haven't played enough with a controller to know what the button economy looks like, so some of this might be unreasonable for controller users.

I think this needs a dedicated button. I don't have any issue with left clicking to launch until I get my first weapon or ability. Then, it's a gamble between keeping my weapon at the ready or being able to quickly jump away from danger. Half of the time I need to react so quickly to the situation that I accidentally hit the weapon/ability key one-too-many times and I've screwed myself over. If left click were reserved for weapons or abilities, and something like Spacebar or Shift were reserved separately for launching, I feel like stressful scenarios would be more fun and reliable. Launching is too vital to the core gameplay to be an extra input away from achieving.

Weapons/Ability Selecting
I think weapons/abilities should stay selected even after using them. This is related to the above point. When I'm in the heat of battle, I need to know what my inputs are going to do when I press them. Quickly switching between a Shotgun and launching is tricky enough with the shared left click input, but keeping track of the action is much harder when using an ability switches actions for me. Worst of all is when there isn't enough energy to use the equipped weapon/ability. When I've selected the Shotgun and I click, I expect a Shotgun blast and my left click action switching back to launch. When I don't have enough energy, neither of these things happen and I have to take that into account if I want to launch instead of waiting for that Shotgun blast first. This is most difficult when I'm trying to perform an action or two as soon as your meter fills. I think this would be way easier if left click never changes the function of left click. In this way, pressing left click would either perform its function or tell me it can't be used now.

Weapon/Ability Ordering
I think weapons should either have assigned inputs (Rifle is 1, Shotgun is 2, Generator is 3, etc) or be assigned a permanent, incremental input on purchase. Nothing is more confusing to me than dealing with changing control schemes in the middle of a match. I usually pick up a Shotgun, which gets assigned to 1. If I choose to pick up the Rifle, all of a sudden 1 doesn't mean Shotgun any more and I have to re-teach myself how to equip it. This is pretty disorienting, especially in fast-paced situations. I understand that this may be a limitation created for controller input schemes, so my first suggestion may not be reasonable, but perhaps there's a way. The second method introduces its own confusion when a serial Shotgun purchaser (such as myself) decides to buy something else first, but at least I only have to train myself once per game.

I think having reliable controls is vital to fast-paced, high-skill games. Left click is predictable, but it's easy to lose track of it's current function in quick-moving situations. I also think that changing weapon/ability hotkeys creates too much confusion for inexperienced players such as myself. I propose that the action of launching be moved to a dedicated input, that weapons/abilities have permanent hotkeys (at least per match), and that left click never deselect the current weapon/ability.

I hope this feedback is helpful, and I'm looking forward to playing some more Deceiver tomorrow!


Hey Zac,

Thanks for playing and leaving such in-depth feedback. :)

You make some good points about the ability controls, which yeah, they've been an issue from the start. This is an old issue I should revisit now.

Gamepad controls are one barrier here. Spacebar sounds great for desktop, but the best thing I can think of on gamepad is right bumper, which isn't great.

The second problem is that the sniper actually takes your shield down completely while it's activated. It would be too powerful otherwise. The assumption there is that you only have the sniper activated while sniping.

I'll see if I can come up with anything. On the bright side, the ability ordering actually works exactly how you described, or at least it should work that way. If you buy the shotgun and map it to 1, it should stay mapped to 1 throughout the match. :)

Thanks again man!

Would it be easy to implement binds for launch and use weapon/ability as well as the current combined input? I think it would be nice if keyboard users and controller users could have that option if they wanted it.

The sniper definitely throws a wrench in that plan. I think one option could be an "unarmed" bind, but that seems obnoxious. Other than that, I don't have any ideas that don't change how the sniper fundamentally works. (Like a charge shot that only drops your shields when you are charging! But I digress.)

I noticed today that the ability ordering is just like you said! I must have been confused between matches, then, and that's fine by me!