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A topic by ENDESGA created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 2,495 Replies: 40
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Let me know your thoughts on the demo <3


It was really cool!! I loved all the cool cinematic stuff like Keu being named, the huge ship coming in and the Boldemo. The art is 100% stunning and I really liked how you handled chests! Picking locks was super easy to pick up too. Maybe making the lock flash when you get the correct glyph would be a cool idea?

It probably wouldn't hurt to add a skip button to cutscenes, though. I accidentally closed out of the demo (my fault) and had to rewatch the opening, which wasn't too bad. You could also make it so that if the player hits up while a character is talking, the bubble just displays the whole string. Would help with speedruns too! I also noticed a bit of slowdown when I was wailing on all those Gnarcier floaters.

This is a SUPER cool project, my dude. I'm really glad to be following it and super happy that this game's finally coming together after so long. I look forward to seeing more!!


Thanks so much!
A skip will be in the full game, for sure :)


When in inventory, I'd like to use escape to leave it instead of going to the menu. But that's a personal taste. Also, I got some serious lag and my pc is pretty good :( 

I absolutely love the art style!! Movement is great and everything feels like it has an impact (great use of screen shake)


Yeah, there is going to be numerous small changes like that for the full release.

Performance seems to be great on the 4 computers/laptops I tested them on - so I'm sorry for the lag!

Press F10 to reduce the screen down - this might improve frames

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The demo exceeded my expectations! Really great stuff.


  • The audio design is *really* good. Every sound is satisfying as hell!
  • Artsyle is great. Palette and mood are just right.
  • Sassy dialogue.
  • Music/ambience is top notch.
  • Voice bits. I love them so much.


  • The lock mechanic is not really a challenge and doesn't really add anything.
  • This is a very personal thing, but non-pixelart things really stand out. Examples: the electric wire, the Gnarcier spike, the foliage animation. In general everything that is at a higher resolution than the pixel grid. Sub-pixel parallax doesn't bother me as much because it helps smooth the camera movements.
  • Why am I picking up all this stuff ;_;

All in all I really enjoyed the demo and I was sad that it was over. Can't wait to see were you take this!

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Congrats Seth! It was a really great demo! Very inspiring and nice to see a "lifelong project" like yours suddenly become alive :)

You're very talented at everything you touch and you can really sense it well already in the 20min span of the demo. And the fact that you're doing everything alone definetly adds something more to the game. It feels genuine, honest, because the vision you had for it is not altered by someone else working with you. It's something very rare and you should feel proud to have accomplished this. It's very very easy to plunge into the atmosphere of NYKRA and it calls for wander and exploration. In a way the player is like Keu, naive and inocent and eager to discover the world around him, the identification works well. I relate already a lot to the very little we know about your universe I can't wait to discover it more.

The palette and the sprites are lovely and carefuly crafted you can really feel that you put a lot of efforts into it. The sound and music are amazing and really embodies the atmosphere and strengthens it.  The maps are cleverely made and tickled my explorer side, and the small notes as rewards are  worth it. The fact that almost everything is moving and animated is a very nice touch, it helps everything to feel more alive.

The only minor thing I wasn't really found of was the dialogue sounds, it feels a bit too robotic. Pyre from Supergiant Games uses the same kind of trick but does it in a different way, you should have a look at it!

Anyway, it's really promising and I hope it brings you motiviation to finish what could be a piece of art :)
Can't wait to see more!


It's a nice demo, but I have some critics:

  • using the arrow keys to move, but having to press space bar to jump is unconformable, I would at least change from arrow keys to wasd.
  • the 'uncharged' jump you get from tapping instead of holding the space bar is WAY to small.
  • the walking speed is not in-sync with the walk animation, this is more of a visual thing that annoyed me, but i wanted to point that out.
  • the movement feels sloppy, almost like moving on ice.
  • the characters talk very slowly, it would be appreciated if there was a speed slider, or a way to skip the dialogue animation, by for example double-tapping the up arrow key.

apart from that the game-play feels nice, the story is a bit to common, and the start felt like a 16-bit destiny remake, but all things considered it's a realy nice idea.

-Random Deslime

I hate that I really can't give more feedback but I'm having problems getting the controller to work. I've plugged it in but I don't know how to click it is there some icon I need to click that I can't see?


only DS4 controllers work so far! Making a fix now!


HEEEEYYYY!!!! Great stuff, man, absolutely love the vibe that's created, and already enjoying the small bit of fighting and puzzles. 

I have only two things, and unfortunately they may be a bitch to resolve. 

1)  As others have said, there can be lag, but I have a suspicion as to what may be happening, as it's not like a frameskip lag, or anything, but literally like time slows down and speeds up.  One thing I ran into using GMS2 is that the gamespeed is completely loose, depending on how much is going on, and thus the framerate is allowed to fluctuate dramatically, to the point where the timing you've perfected with the character on a blank bg completely changes in an environment.  This appears to be what's happening: the more that's on the screen (aka being processed), the more slowly things go.  The solution I had heard about (but unfortunately have only played with, I'm a seriously novice dev) is something called "delta_time" which basically measures the gamespeed vs real time (microseconds), so you can then compensate if it gets behind (or ahead for that matter).  Look into it if you're curious, it may make the game run better (or may not, again novice).

2) This may even be related to the first issue, but the voices, which I can tell are 1 syllable audio files being called, are sometimes overlapping, ie keu is talking to herself, but it sounds like multiple voices on top of each other.  Again, this was only sometimes, for some words.  I can only guess at a solution, involving each file "waiting" till the last file is finished playing, but that may result in some lengthier monologues, so you can play with it.

All in all, this game really is one for the books.  The altogether vibe that it emits is just something universal, I truly feel everyone can enjoy.  Great job man, really.  

Seriously, seriously spectacular taste of what's to come here. The passion and polish poured into this thing are evident in every corner of the demo, and the fact that you're doing the majority of work by yourself inspires me in a way I haven't felt since I first played Cave Story as a freshman in high school. Just gonna gush for a minute about the things I really enjoyed:

  • Expressive dialogue boxes/sounds - I love what you've done with the dialogue effects here. The character "voices" give each a unique personal flavor, and the myriad text effects complement the "speech" nicely. Maybe more understated but very much appreciated is how economic they are with the screen real-estate; their semitransparency and adaptive movement really help clear space for other interesting character and entity blocking in the immediate environment
  • Immersive sound design - The positional audio worked wonders in creating an engrossing atmosphere here. I really loved hearing Keu's sound effects pan as she moved around the screen-space. It seems like a lot of work went into creating the audio system here, and it certainly shows.
  • Intriguing setting/great environmental storytelling - NYKRA strikes me a game with a heavy focus on setting and atmosphere, so it's greatly to its credit that you managed to create such an interesting world. Spaces feel lived-in, the world design is organic, and the notes, ships, and mysterious entities that make appearances in the demo have me clamoring for more.
  • Slick and intuitive UI - The user interface was an absolute joy to interact with. Once I was accustomed to the game's "verbs" (namely, the importance of the up arrow) every aspect of the UI felt completely natural to me. Beyond being functionally superb, it looks damn good, too. The visual design is cohesive, and I love the radial menus as a consistent design element in-game.

With that all said, here are a few potential areas of improvement I noticed:

  • Obstacle placement - I felt like there were a few outdoor sections in the game where the presence of those red matter-shredding obstacles broke an otherwise fairly calm, exploratory flow. Being stopped to execute some precise platforming jumps in the middle of a relatively open area seemed to conflict with the "tone" of the space, if that makes sense.
  • Jump height - There definitely needs to be a minimum jump height in this game; having a reliable "hop" height for when I tap the jump button would be awesome, but I'd definitely hold onto the "variable jump height" mechanic beyond that.
  • Enemy knockback - I felt a little frustration facing some of the game's first enemies, because it seemed like a hit from them was unavoidable. If each attack could cause a little enemy knockback, instead of every other attack, that would be very much appreciated.

And I'd just like to clarify this again: you've put together one hell of a demo here, and I have no doubt the full thing is going to be a masterpiece.

I do not agree on the obstacle placement thing. I think some obstacles and stuff are needed to kind of keep you on your toes. Having things while you explore adds to the experience, at least I thing so, but except for that, I more or less agree to everything. Good comment.

Looking really neat, love the style. I have one suggestion that is having some GUI to show how much health you will recover from a healing item. Super excited for finished game!


added to the list!

It was awesome! After playing this I am super excited for the full release, even more than I was before. It just felt incredible to play, and I loved every second of it! I even played it a second time just to go back and break all the boxes, and I loved it!

I found that you are able to open your inventory on the endscreen, but that's really it when it comes to bugs/overlooked details. It was super exciting to meet Taff, and I can't wait to meet Eo too. The puzzles were fun, I loved the padlock/number puzzle one, and I enjoy the slight randomization of loot and stuff, and can definetly see myself playing the full game multiple times, and I might even play this demo a few more times, to see all the dialogue. Exploring this world is super fun, and looking in all the different rooms, and finding notes, and stuff like that is so fun. 

the one negative I can think of after the demo was I had "save anxiety" - I never knew if at any point my game was saved or if I was just about to finally find a save point..  I assume walking past those black blocks that light up was some kind of save/check point.. I'd like to press Up on a terminal/stone etc. and press save.. along with a nice little sound effect to put my save anxiety to rest >_<

This has just surpassed all expectations! This game is going to be awesome.


  1. Audio: music and SFX were just amazing.
  2. Graphics: All the attention to details were just really good, loved the combination of pixelart with high definition shapes as wires, UI, in general vector things.
  3. Gameplay: I loved the movement, the UI design, the lockpicking feature is great, the inventory too, all the atmosphere that was created was phenomenal.


  1. The only thing I didn't liked was using UP and DOWN to enter or leave menus. It didn't bothered me with doors or light switches because it was natural to press up. But in menus using those keys or buttons, caused more than one trouble. From fighting to get out of the Inventory, or accidentally quitting the game. Should use standard A to accept, B to cancel. Space to accept, Escape to cancel, etc.

I'm hoping I stopped at about the halfway point, but I absolutely love this! The art is gorgeous, presentation in awesome too, music is really powerful and the controls are generally pretty intuitive. Color me excited for the full game, you've done some awesome work here.

Episode 2!

its great i just got one question...when want


ASAP. Literally.

Cant wait for the full release.. Im dying to play more

Only thing got little confusing was the arrow keys in meny.. i quit accidentally many times..

Hey the demo was great! I loved the glitchy corruption effects and the moving enemies, they way they jerk around! But I fel they need some consistency. the floaty ball enemies still have that corruption jitter even when inactive, and the up-and-down moving spike platforms ( 

) move much too fluidly. If they had a similar inactive state when stationary, and have to wait until fully active to slam up or down I think they'd work much better thematically.


great  idea for the vertical smashers! Cheers :)

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Great work Seth amazing demo, so sad when it ended.

Just a couple of things that I thought you could improve:

- Being able to jump with the up arrow as well as the space would be nice

- The dialogue at points felt very robotic and unnatural it would be great if you were able to make the dialogue flow better

- At points the characters knew information that i had not yet told them (i.e. the little elf girl (I forgot her name sorry) knew that i was a child of neox without an sort of introduction, maybe a bit of an introduction/conversation between the two where she'd find out would be more engaging and would make the story flow easier in my opinion).

- Some of the non pixel art movement (i.e. grass and flowers swaying in the wind and the tree leaves moving) was uncharacteristic of the games art style if they were to be changed for pixel art movement it would match the games art style a lot more.

- Instead of having gaps of lore not being told but referenced in the game it would be nice for you to build up a bit of mystery around certain parts of the lore. this again would make the story of the game flow more.

- The crates and other moveable objects seem to move/hover when the screen is moving.

Other than that I extremely enjoyed the demo and eagerly await the final game (or another demo ; ) )


Amazing work! I found the world that you've created to be very intriguing. I enjoyed learning little bits about it throughout the demo so great job on the world building.  The art style is fantastic, the colors you've used and all of the symbols in the world are really cool.

I love the amount of detail and polish you've put into every aspect of the game. I found it to be very inspiring. Moving the blocks and the combat felt really good. 

The only mechanic which I didn't see much use for was the lock mechanic. Every locked door I encountered felt like a chore which was really unfortunate. I'm sure you've gotten this feedback and have thought of ways to improve it.

I considered that a lack of challenge was the problem. I'm not able to master opening locked doors and build that skill as a player.  A really simple example is the gears of war reloading system. Such a simple mechanic but I felt like I had mastered it towards the end of the game. Every time I had to reload it was a little test of skill and I enjoyed it each time. I hope you can figure out something to give that feeling to the player as you develop the game.. 

Keep up the amazing work! 


thanks for the feedback! It鈥檚 always a work in progress, and the Padlock is a big example of this. I鈥檒l need to figure out the best solution for sure 馃挭


I like how you chose themes that would not ever be found in any other media type~

gdffdsn could I not be given one more minute of content the demo cuts me off at the exact point where I start wanting more

Anyone else notice just how robotic everything in this galaxy is?

The first character we meet assumes the form of a heptagon, which rotates as she speaks in a clockwork manner. Stating simple facts only requires one turn, while abstract concepts require more and creative thinking requiring the most turns by far. Poor Keu is given a form similar to the planet's former inhabitants, presumably as a replacement for the previous occupants. She then is unceremoniously dropped off onto the planet, where she gets shown how electricity works and immediately starts filling the limited space in her backpack with computer parts and of course everything has a technical name the red many-angeled corruption  everywhere has to be referred to by its proper name. The spiky stuff doesn't even cause injury or illness in a normal way, no repairing the damage done to Keu from such is actually best described using the word repair rather then heal.

Even the respawn mechanic is handled accordingly. Having the replacment chassis provided for keu.exe starting out at half health as a reminder  of the prior failure does indeed sound like something a mother would  do. On a related note, could we have some dialogue from Nea if the player manages to get Keu several times within a short timeframe? Like a mother scolding a child for getting herself hurt? Which must be difficult when Keu can just repair herself easy if she has enough tools with her.

"Follow your instincts"  Keu is told. In other words, "Follow the preprogrammed instructions that was literally coded into your subconsious". Why thank you good sir. You may have the power to i dunno crush computer processors in your hand or something, but I have free will I dont have to listen to you the only reason why I am accepting your trinket at all is because it is literally the only way to proceed~

I also noticed that you tried pretty hard to keep the characters from swearing. If this is the goal then you should recheck the dialogue for the first lock


Wow, this is quite an analysis! You actually got everything almost perfectly correct. I have built the whole galaxy (and gameplay) around computers, wires, structures, interfaces. I'm glad someone finally saw it as a whole design choice - because it was!
Also, if you mean the "damn" in the Padlock dialogue, I personally say that word is far from a swear word. I'm holding back from the obvious two, but other than that, I keep things pretty middle-ground (Taff says "ass", and whatnot hahaha)


Super late because I had to finish off exams before giving this a spin - really great stuff though man! Like others have said the padlock cracking gets a bit repetitive after the first few times and offers little challenge. Reserving it for optional paths or secret areas might be a good idea (think terminal hacking and lock picking in Fallout).
Biggest problem I had was some pretty extreme lag in certain areas, especially outdoors. It's still a playable speed but very sluggish and it's not consistent either, it speeds up at certain spots sometimes then slows down again. My laptop isn't especially powerful but it plays most games I throw at it with minimal issues, especially 2D games. I'm pretty sure all those made with Game Maker (albeit GM1 not 2) have been as smooth as can be, even fairly busy games like Nuclear Throne.

One thing I noticed; while I could see the point of items having weight (it looks like Keu's backpack can only carry a certain amount), I'm not sure if there's any kind of mechanic to do with rarities. I've only ever seen these in MMO games, where it's largely used as bragging rights and to help with evaluation in terms of bartering.
In NYKRA, cool I can see that RAM is more rare than screws but like... is there anything else to it? Or is it just telling me that I should be more wise about when to use it? If that's the case I'm still not sure that's necessary. Using the Fallout series as an example again, where resources like ammo are important, you're never told how rare anything is. You kind of just figure it out along the way. Same goes for classics like the Pokemon, or... well any single-player game (that I can think of at least). That said I don't think it's an issue, it just stood out to me. You might also have an actual point to it in which case you can ignore all of this :P

Oh yeah, I also noticed a typo in one of the dialogue options when speaking with Pta. I can't remember it exactly but it had "the them", which I assume what meant to be just "them".

Sounds like I'm just throwing a lot of issues at you, but on the whole I really liked it. Kinks and such are all things that are smoothed out through testing and I'm sure the full version will be awesome. Keep up the amazing work, can't wait!


Hey thanks so much!

There are many bugs and whatnot, along with pretty poor performance. I鈥檝e been working on getting it to run better, for sure!

Amazing job man, congratulations ! This is so impressive you did all that yourself, but very inspiring. I am also making a game on my free time but I would never be able to do everything myself like that.

The inventory looks nice, basically everything "feels" and looks very good ! Also we can feel this project was made out of love and passion, there is so much details into it and although it is only a demo yet we can feel the depth.

I can't imagine how hard it must be to design good puzzles... if too easy it gets really boring, if too hard very frustrating. I felt like the puzzles were all good, not very hard but not too easy (which is good for a not so into puzzle games player like me). The only puzzle that bothered me was the door one. It is fun to do the first time but there shouldn't be this advice from Keu I believe, to match with the mysterious puzzle atmosphere of the game. And then after the third time it gets boring to do. Maybe if that was more challenging and with a risk / reward thing that would work better ? Like if you fail to unlock the door in a certain time you can't open it anymore or you lose life, or something like that.

Even if usually I am more keen to play action packed games, I am really looking forward putting my hands on this one and it looks like there will be some good fights to satisfy my thirst of blood anyway.

Congratulations again ! <3

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Finally got the chance to play it. Great work!

Some things I've noticed:
No introduction of controls after <, space, >; would be nice to show inventory (E) shortcut somewhere.
You could stuck on the "basement" between Gnarcier "rocks" and the trigger (or next block) when you jump over, until it kills you. I can't say it's a bad thing but penalty is high for the first 10-15 minutes of gameplay.
Taff for some reason tells you: "You're the only being in heptaverse that can use it" (even if it's true it's kind of weird to hear/read, very cliche). Maybe something like "the only being left", or "the only being we found" (depending on backstory etc).
I like the save mechanics, but it saves even enemies locations, hope it won't backfire.

Wow! just played the demo, that was amazing! The art and animations are really nice and I especially like how you mixed the stile of a RPG with a 2d platformer. I really like the custom language and all the sound effects. The only real problems I had with it were all things that had to do with controls. I really think you should add a way to customize what buttons do what and some presets for using a keyboard and controller.  Also it would be nice if the player didn't change speed for seemingly no reason.

other than that great game and keep up the good work!

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Super late to the party, saw the feature on RPS and grabbed the demo. I created a new thread, didn't see this one -- sorry must have been tired, I'll delete the other one.

Lot to love here, only 30 mins in, but just a wee bit of feedback / intial thots, hopefully useful.


The smoothing on the camera feels off to me. It's a bit too slow to recover, with a bit too much overshoot, and at the very end of the recover the  overshift causes the hero to jitter for a frame or two before it comes into focus again. It makes me a bit motion sick. Are you using floating point values to position the camera? Perhaps fix it to integers and work the math to ensure you're never in-between pixels. 

Also on the camera, I feel it would be useful to explore a Mario style camera where you only pan up / down when changing surfaces, rather than directly tracking the hero's movement 1:1 w ever jump. The current system makes the camera too "active" causing me to focus on the entire world rather than just my jump and target destination. 


I think there might be a bit too much slide when changing directions and maybe a bit more slide needed on the end run. Nothing major, just a few frames less and more.

Anyways really like it so far.

Blue box...

Sorry, don't remember the name. When I "pick it up" by pressing X the entire game slows down to about 1/4 speed. This goes away if I load into a new room, but there doesn't seem to be any other way to make it go away. At first I thot it was a neat effect of consuming the box, like I was burdened by it, but it seems to be a bug as it doesn't go away when I release the cube.

All the best!

Hey! I've played a limited version of this before and wanted to check out the demo but...

Here's what I see after I unzip it after download:

I'm on OSX 10.13.6. Let me know if you need more info!

awesome demo; love the art, the pacing, the puzzles...

Just played the demo, and it's absolutely incredible! I was studying your art work a few years ago to try and capture the same kind of style for a similar game I started work on. Nothing came of it of course lol! I was just wondering if you're still working on it, and if you plan to release a console version later on. I will be a day one buyer for sure! One minor glitch I found was that if you press and hold the jump button while already jumping, you will automatically jump again as soon as you land in the ground. And also, when you are holding the jump button, and walk into a new screen transition, you will automatically jump when you transition into a new scene. 

My only gripe is the menu controls dont feel natural for me. I'd prefer a more standard control system for menu navigation.