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Nowhere Prophet

A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Nowhere Mode

A topic by RustyOneTwo created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 199 Replies: 8
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I guess this is a feature request.

A number of games have this, and benefit from it in early access in particular. For this game it might look like this.

The game starts as normal, though instead of arriving at the Spaceport, you arrive at another refugee camp. You proceed to make a selection like you usually would as to the type of terrain and main enemy, but the game essentially feeds back through another procedural map. 

We might be seeing the same few story areas over and over, but that goes with early access.

The main benefits of this are that it *shouldn't* be too hard to deploy, and it would allow for more effective playtesting. Right now we appear to be playing through the first two maps of the story mode repeatedly. I've seen some enemy decks only once, like the..."Five finger..." I can't remember that zone or faction. I got killed.

This would also help test save/load fidelity a bit.

If we can have essentially unlimited play through samey but procedurally made maps, we can test out an increasingly large number of card combinations, how they fare against different enemies, and how such a mode would do in the long run. 

Finishing the story mode is part of the long plan, we know that. 

Your hard work is highly appreciated and personally, I want to thank you for it. This game is filled with love and care and heart. It is a real gem. A "nowhere mode" would let us wander in your labor of love for endless hours, both before and after the story arc is finalized.

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Hm. An endless mode is an interesting idea... 


I felt like "nowhere mode" captures the thematics of the game a little more but that's exactly what it would be, yeah, endless mode. 

Anything I can do to help?

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Endless mode would be nice.  Right now, its very very hard to get away from the starter deck.  You basically spend most all of your time playing with the same starter deck followers.  There are other cards out there for you to discover, but since they rarely ever show up, the game will be finished before you can actually get totally away from your starter deck. (can never escape the starter leader cards)  Then you start a new game, and your deck is again the same.

I sometimes still cheat myself into levels 3 and 4 (sorry), just so I get to play longer.  The longer you play, the more you can really customize.  Some of my late game decks were really fun, because they were totally different than the starter deck.  

Of course the new starter class will also make the early game fun again.   But an endless mode would help too.  Even if it just gives you Pit Nine for every milestone.

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Yeah, regardless of what it's called, it could be something really interesting for players. But it's definitely low on the priority list of things. I want the campaign running smoothly first. Then, on the basis of that, I can think about an endless mode - though that seems to be predestined to be something to patch post launch. I'm thinking it's something you actually have to unlock even? After the first successful campaign completion you can get the endless mode?

But on the other hand, hacking something in there for endless testing might be an idea. But still, I'd like to stick to the game as is for now and concentrate on the content. And the next major release will add another map.

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But on the other hand, hacking something in there for endless testing might be an idea. But still, I'd like to stick to the game as is for now and concentrate on the content. And the next major release will add another map.

If it doesn't take long to put in, it would be great to have for now.   Maybe a "Continue at the beginning" button at the "First Access" end screen, and your character gets plopped back into the 1st map.  Dunno how much work that would take.  If it takes a significant time to implement, then it is probably not worth it for you.

That may be an idea. I'll look into it for the next major update.


The Long Dark has done well on its Sandbox Mode for a very long time, building out the game mechanics and fine tuning things while working the story mode in and additional maps over time.

Making it an unlockable for after story mode is completed sounds like a great idea, once the game is finished. During early access, it would be a huge asset to facilitate playtesting and engagement, and can be re-packaged, locked away, or left unlocked as an "early access reward" or whatever. 

You've said your focus is on content and I get that, just sharing my perspective.

Yeah, it should be available freely during the early stages of First Access - or at least be available very quickly. I hear you.

As said, I've noted it down. I'll look at it and see how easily it's doable. It is an excellent idea.