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Help Me Find 3D Artist Please

A topic by Trigger Apps Production created Oct 17, 2017 Views: 241 Replies: 4
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Can anyone offer a link where I can find unpaid hobbyist to join a development team?

We are about 10 now, and only one of us is a modeler. I want more people who can help

create models for Trigger Apps Production ( TAP ) studio with out asking for money.

We are just a startup, and we are just making a project together (some wants to build their

portfolio, I just want to put a team together because I can and I want to). Its really hard finding 3D artist

and almost all of them want to be paid. Can anyone volunteer, the team is very welcoming and you will

love it there, please ?


Open Game Art is my go-to place for recruiting artists and/or getting advice. You might even find some pre-made art that suits your needs. And for 3D graphics specifically, I recently discovered an old, large forum that also seems to be home to many passionate people. Might be a good place to ask.

Thank You "No Time To Play"

You could also try hitting up deviantart, the forums, or cgsociety, to name a few. Another approach could be to hit up other game dev forums like Tigsource.

Cool, thanks!