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Room transitions with titles

A topic by Jackson Allen created Oct 16, 2017 Views: 171 Replies: 2
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Similar to how endings work now, you would be able to add text to a room exit.  (No text would just behave as it does now.)

This would have a ton of different uses, like:

  • Noting a character's thoughts
  • Giving hints or descriptions about an area
  • Indicating a change in time or setting
  • Sorting a game into different chapters
  • Indicating consequences for a player's choice of path
  • Creating pseudo-endings that bring the character to a different starting point

To be honest, exits like this would basically just replace endings in a more editable way.



I think this is a really strong idea! as you've shown, it definitely opens up a lot of possibilities. I'm currently almost done with a big update to the dialog system. this might be a good thing for me to tackle after I've completed that :)