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Nowhere Prophet

A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Cards and Strategies!

A topic by Inkxi created Oct 15, 2017 Views: 475 Replies: 2
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  • What are your favorite cards? 
  • What are the most overpowered cards?
  • Whats the best equipment?
  • What cards are terrible?
  • Have you made any fun decks?
  • Have you discovered some super rare card you have never seen before?

*work in progress*

General tips:

  • On your turn, don't be scared to hit followers that have First Strike.  That effect only applies on the enemy's turn.
  • Recycle cards until you are blue in the face.  You get to recycle one card per turn, why not use it and see if you can't get your favorite card.

These are the followers I have found:

Rating the followers:  

T1 - the best

There are a ton of good Rare and Legendary cards.  I don't want to list them all.  But will you actually be able to find many of them?  Its pretty unlikely.

  • The Tireless (Legendary)

The Tireless - Probably the best follower.   Its legendary.

T2 - the OK/Good

Everything not in the other lists

T3 - the bad
  • Ghram pup
  • Ghram rager
  • Scion Emissary
  • Dreaming God Herald
  • Elite Crusader

    Its not that the low momentum cards on this list have terrible stats, but you start with 3 momentum, not 1 momentum.  3 momentum cards suddenly become really favorable.   Usually you don't want to waste a whole card, just to put a 1/1 on the board.

    Scion Emissary - You have to keep paying for it, or you have to take damage.  Both options are terrible.   This is the worst Legendary.   Its OK for an enemy deck however, since enemies don't have to worry about keeping damage they take to a minimum.

    Dreaming God Herald - Anything that hurts you, is probably bad.  Has 2 more attack than a normal 5 drop.  Its a pretty bad Rare.

    Machine Guard - Not a good rare.  This might be an OK follower for an enemy drone deck...  But there is no way you will have the drone deck to make this card really work.   A normal 5 drop comes in as a 6/6.   To make this card better than that, you have to have 3 other drones on the board.  The chance of that happening is near zero.

    Elite Crusader - Its a cool ability, but will it ever do anything?  With the stats of 6/5, it will probably kill whatever follower it attacks.  So what is the stun doing?   Nothing.   Since the ability is doing nothing, the follower is a bad Rare card.  A normal 5 drop will give you a 6/6 follower, which ends up being better than this 6/5 follower.

    These are the Leader cards I have found:

    Rating the Leader cards:  

    T1 - the best

    There are many good Leader cards.  But many of them are quite rare or exist only in enemy decks.  I'll try to talk only about the ones you can actually have a decent chance of getting.

    • Rash Strike

    Rash Strike.  Ridiculously good if you are playing a deck with smaller followers.   Kill an enemy and give all your followers buffs..... 

    T2 - the OK/Good

    Everything not in the other lists

    T3 - the bad
    • Living Shield
    • Fearless
    • Inspiration
    • Protect
    • Stone Chakra
    • In Our Sights
    • Coordinated Fire
    • Whirlwind Surge

    Living Shield.  Its still bad.  It gives more armor now, but still bad.

    Fearless - You spend a card, 2 momentum, so that you can do 4 damage to yourself.  Unless the fight you are doing is some sort of boss fight where you expect to take heavy damage, this is pointless.   in a game where it is super hard to heal, you should not hurt yourself.  Most battles should all end with 0 HP lost.

    Inspiration - Spend 2 momentum just for an extra Leader card.   No thanks.   Even with the cost now at 2 momentum, it is still not good.  You can only have 4 Leader cards, you just don't burn through enough Leader cards to make this worth it.  You will always be spending momentum on both Follower cards and Leader cards.  There will be many times where you will use Leader cards just because you are already at the 4 card maximum.

    Protect - Its too high of a momentum cost, spending this much momentum on a turn, just for armor, is just not good.  Some of the low cost Armor cards are OK now.  They let you gain some Armor without any real cost.  There will be times when you just want to use some Leader Cards because you have 4 already, and 0 and 1 cost armor cards are great then.  

    Madman's Curse - Spend 3 momentum for a construct that hurts me?  No.   If my health were replenished at the start of every fight, I'd consider it, but even then, its not good.     This has a lower momentum cost now, but hurting yourself is just plain bad.

    In Our Sights - This is still a terrible card, even now that it costs less.      Exhausting your followers just to damage to one target, is already bad.  Spending 4 momentum and a card to do it, is no good.       Lets say you have 2 followers on the board that can act (reasonable assumption while winning)  This card will do 4 damage, but cost you 4 momentum, and cost you the turn of your followers.   What's worse is, it only works while  you are already winning.  If you have no followers out there, the card is totally useless.

    Coordinated Fire - Its way better than before, but I still don't get much good use out of it.   It still only helps you, when you are already winning (have refreshed followers on the board) and is utterly useless while you are losing.  When I draw this card, I end up waiting to use it, and the correct time never arrives.  In the end i just recycle the card.   This pretty much shows its not a good card.   (its useful very rarely)

    Whirlwind Surge - Would you really play this thing?  I mean, it could shut down an enemy that plays only small followers, but.. its not a very safe play.   You basically could play it when you are already winning, but why?   If your followers on the board die, then you'd have to play high HP followers, that will now take damage, and you'd probably pick up more wounds than if you had not played this card.   Maybe its good in some sort of super tailored deck where you murder the enemy with damage spells....   but that's just not a viable way to play right now.

    (1 edit)

    Thanks for that expensive report. Really useful for me to know which cards to nerf (and which ones to buff ) ;)

    As mentioned in Discord - Mounting Pressure should not be a cost 0 card. That's a definite bug. In regards to the rest: I'm thinking regen may be too good and maybe 1 and 2 drops need to be buffed slightly to see more play.


    Somewhat updated for the new patch.   Will probably edit it more.