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Weekly Game Jam

A new game jam every week! Join the community & share your jam. 路 By Weekly Game Jam, TheTorri, PouleyKetchoup, Nekomatata


A topic by Phrenemy Developments created 70 days ago Views: 119 Replies: 5
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I don't know  what the theme is about, I know it is "TBD" but I don't know the meaning of "TBD"

It means it hasnt been determined yet (TBD = to be determined)

Bruhh 馃槄, Thank you

The current theme for week 209 is "King of the Hill" if you haven't seen already.

Hello, where do i find the theme for week 210?

You can find the theme can be found on the jams on the WGJ page, which is Fragments.

Some advice, you commented on a topic that has a different problem, hiding it among the other replies. Try to make a new topic next time for a faster response by the community.