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Nowhere Prophet

A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Suggestions, Feedback! Sticky

A topic by Martin Nerurkar created Oct 13, 2017 Views: 1,164 Replies: 53
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So, let me start off by saying the game is great and i'm looking forward to the full release.  I apologize if these have already been suggested but i'll add them here as well just in case

You guys need to find a way to make all the effects of a card visible when it's on the field. It's a staple of any  and all card games on the market. 

Why is it useful:
- users get information faster from the UI
- reduces the frustration of cards doing addition effects that users overlooked due to not hovering over every single card on the field

A screen with discarded cards (dead or otherwise sacrificed):

Why is it useful:
- again, quality of life that is a staple of all card games. As a user, i want know what cards i have left in my deck, especially since there doesn't seem to be an upper limit to stacking followers;

It's an absolute must if you ask me and would significantly improve enjoyment of the game ( at least in my case), since you already have to juggle quite a bit of information at any given time anyway.

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Hey Markaleth. Thanks for the feedback (and the bug report). A little note of correction: It's just me developing this thing, so bear with me :)

You guys need to find a way to make all the effects of a card visible when it's on the field. It's a staple of any  and all card games on the market. 

What "effects" are you talking/thinking of? There are a lot of conditional triggers that are impossible to visualize discretely for each one... Some keywords (stealth, barrier) have their own visualization, but many only have an icon - which is hidden once the unit has multiple active icon-only keywords.

A screen with discarded cards (dead or otherwise sacrificed)

Hm. I can imagine something like that as an option when you click on your deck. It could show you all discarded cards... Just have to figure out how to best display things without creating a lot of bloat. I had already gotten a suggestion in regards to the deck display so I'm thinking about it... This may be a post-launch feature though :)

Also, if you want to chat about your thoughts, feel free to join the Discord server.

Broken link to RPS article on under the What is Nowhere Prophet section.  

Thought I'd let you know but wasn't sure where best to post it. Looking forward to the beta!


Thanks! Should be fixed now :D


Game's fantastic!

Sorry if someone's posted this already - but any way to track achievements/unlocks would be fantastic. Have completed game a few times now but no way to know what I'm missing/what classes and convoys I haven't unlocked. Minimal info would be fine. Thanks!


Also, perhaps an ability to sort convoy cards by 'rarity' as opposed to just the default sort of focus cost in the main view? 

so there is an overview. In the loadout selection screen click the "select convoy" button. It will show an overview. People do have trouble finding it so maybe it should say "show all". 

And in the main menu collection you can already filter by rarity

Hi! Love the most recent update. However, the new bosses with the "Vitalizing Systems" buff seem essentially impossible for certain decks to kill - especially if on first level (playing as hermit, had a great run, but can't build a large enough army to do 15 damage in a single turn - physically impossible). Just a bit of a bummer compared to the other buffs, which are quite challenging and fun to come up against.

That is true. But Hermit is a very hard convoy to play in the first place :) It's such a specialized setup that it's pretty impossible to balance for that. But what I think could solve the problem is, when the "vitalizing systems" had a fixed number of activations. So with hermit you just need more time (a lot more maybe) but you can eventually break through. Say 2-3 triggers if they are the first boss in a run.

Thanks for reporting in!

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