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Really hope the funding goals are met!

A topic by BastTheCat created Oct 10, 2017 Views: 347 Replies: 1
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If only for the chance to play as a transitioning character. Off the top of my head (and I've looked, though it's been a while) no developer I know of that is at least as prominent/big/whatever as Michaela has ever had a trans main character. Side characters I've seen, and some very, very small developers or one off project creators have made games with a trans main character. Otherwise, I can't think of anyone. Getting back on point: I'd be really, really excited to see that happen, and I really hope Michaela gets enough funding to do the gender options.

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I'm definitely curious about this,  too.

 Hopefully we can specify whether they're transmasculine or transfeminine? It would be awesome to have an FtM protagonist. I don't think I've ever heard of that in a visual novel,  before.