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Database error

A topic by Zeaga created Oct 05, 2017 Views: 250 Replies: 16
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I keep getting this error: 

when I delete or add anything

Tested on 64-bit Windows 7 on both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries


Unfortunately, this is not quite a lot of information to find the root of the issue :| 

I will test CE on a clean install on Windows though.

Does this error affect CE's functionality? Do your changes remain after restart??

Did you ever get around to this?  I replied below if you didn't see


Truthly, I had little time to work on CE :c I played around database-specific code and I can't reproduce such an error on a clean Linux start on my current version. Anyway, there is much work to do for a next release, and it still needs to be tested on Windows.

That's a shame.  Thank you anyway!

I can't do anything that causes a database query.  Restarting fixes nothing.

It's a shame because I have a disability and was really hoping to use this.  I know it isn't your fault, it's just frustrating.

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Would you mind telling me how to purge/wipe the database? <3


I know this is an old post but i found that my anti virus was blocking the program from doing what it has to. I added the program to avasts exception list and reinstalled it and it works great now :D 

hope that helps.


Same issue here. Whenever I do almost anything I get 3 of those errors. Tried win x86 and win x64 versions, same issue on both.

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I'm getting the same errors...  Bummer, I was really looking forward to using this!


Antivirus or similar software is not causing the issue on my end.


I'm getting what I believe is a similar issue?

This happens whenever I click on the Homepage tab, or when I try to create a new notebook.

(This is a fresh x86 install through the app, on Windows 8.1.)

However it seems like quitting out of the program completely and relaunching it has solved my issue.

Thought I'd pop in, a month later (which was months after others had these issues with 0.6.1), to see if there was any fixes or news related to this. Sadly, nada.  I just tried this on my main rig, after a fresh install of Windows 10 1709, x64  Same issue, right out of the box.  Tried it on an old laptop, running Windows 7 x64.  Same issue.


This seems to be a Windows-specific issue as Linux users don't face any issues (including me, fresh install). If this issue prevents you from using Cosmic Everyday, try temporarily disabling Windows Defender and other stuff. It might also be a little, harmless one-time glitch while initial setup.

I have pretty clean install of Windows 10 going here (N version, in fact).  Issue is there with WD off, tons of services disabled, so on and so forth.

I gave up a bit ago, but just tried again with version 0.6.0 (thanks for sharing that, by the way).  The issue that pops out immediately, is the database error popups when deleting the "Welcome To Cosmic Everyday" notebook.  The error messages are not descriptive (more generic/agnostic than anything).

I had a look in the standard NWJS/Chromium based app data storage (for Windows at least), %appdata%\Local\CosmicEveryday, to see if I could find any logs or errors reports.  The CrashPad directory was present, but was empty (which tells me there isn't really any debugging on errors, outside of those toasts).  Any other suggestions for viewing any sort of logs? Something in human readable format, where I don't have to install 3 apps and attach debuggers and such?

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I'm running clean tests on Windows now and have found a source of 404 issue. I hope I'll be able to fix it today.

Basically that error tells that other components have failed to open a notebook because it was deleted, but it is harmless, 'cause a new notebook will be created in case there are no notebooks left.

Edit: 404 errors are fixed. New release will be published this week, aaand probably it will happentomorrow.