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Nevaro - An old-School fantasy RPG

A topic by Nevaro created Oct 05, 2017 Views: 855 Replies: 25
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Hello everyone! I have been working hard these past few weeks to draw battlers and faces, and to customize tilesets to match my style.

[About the Game]
Nevaro will be much like the classic gameboy RPGs from back in the day. Emphasis will be placed heavily on exploration in the over-world, with hidden passages and treasure for you to find. Turn-based combat is tuned down to a feature that merely serves as part of the game, rather than as the entirety of its gameplay aside from walking around.

If I could describe this game in a very weird way, It's kind of like HyperLight Drifter, MegaMan Legends, and Willow(NES) fused onto the RPG Maker XP platform, although I would be in hubris to say it's nearly as good as those games.

edit: The Demo will be free to download once it is out. As of 7/6/2018 I can say I am getting much closer to having the demo released.

(Main Char. Face)

(First Boss Face)

These are just a few screenshots. However, They dont do the current work justice. As extra promotion, here is footage of the test application I made, along with the visuals currently being used in my game:

edit: This gameplay video is very outdated. The current versions of the game are looking much better imho.

Really admire that you're creating your own graphics, has a unique look in my opinion. I'll be keeping my eye on your project!

Thanks man, Im glad you like it! While I am using RPG Maker, I am very much trying to avoid making a game that looks just like any other RPG Maker game. If it doesnt have some semblance of my own style, nobody will even notice it in the giant pool of RPG Maker games that use standard stock assets :s


Yeah man for sure! I thought of that as well since it's with RPG Maker, but with your own assets it truly does look great in my opinion!

Thanks man! I hope I will give people a nice and fun experience with my game.

Just finished the battler for a mini-boss encountered in the game. Figured it would be worth it to bump the thread. I call it a "Grass Sentinel"

There will be many different versions of this creature with various elemental bases, with varying levels of strength.


Love it!

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Hey you can get royalty free fonts, even for commercial use, on this site:

Hey man, thats really helpful, thanks!

No problem!

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Just finished up making the new map, which fits the RPGMakerXP resolution: 

I made the color a little more muted--was trying to give it an old timey kind of feel.


Looks nice, I agree it looks better with the colors being more dim.  And the font on the regions looks great.

The font is all thanks to you lol ;p

Lol, glad you were able to find one you liked!


Nice map. The muted colors are alot better too. I recommend also darkening the green in the title screen so it looks more like night time.

Good idea, man, thank you! I might actually re-do the title screen in its entirety but idk for sure what I want to do. Since I have been between houses this past week I have taken a small break from development, but I will be back within the next week for sure :)

Got done with some stuff way earlier that I forgot to share, but it's titlescreen stuff.. So check out this battleback I just finished! (I traced the base and mountains over the original RPGXP grassland battleback to make things easier. Now it matches my art style :)

Looking great!

Thanks man! It feels good to get back into it.

Going to rework the overworld sprites for the main character a bit so they don't look so outdated. Here's my work so far!
Taking inspiration from Wizard of Legend, that game is awesome and their sprite-work is beautiful.


Cool to see you continuing this!

Yeah playing some indie games along with my netplay adapter for smash melee shorting out opened up some freetime! Also I am starting some new jobs in a few weeks, so I feel like I have earned some "creativity time"

Early phases of the game making process are complete. I'm a couple maps in from here, but here's a screenshot of your first interaction with Cygnus :)

Finally out of Cygnus Keep
About halfway done developing the demo, maybe more. Shouldn't be long before I have something playable for you guys!

Finally released a part 2 to the dev vlog

I still need to work on the southern marshlands in swanwing forest, the eastern path to town, and then the final bossfight that the demo will have access to. Shouldn't be long before the demo is ready for release.