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App downloading but not opening - a constant loop?

A topic by paigethesailor created Oct 04, 2017 Views: 180 Replies: 1
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Hello all! 

I was playing a game and then it suddenly crashed. When I went to open up the app again, it wouldn't let me.  I clicked and waited several times -- nothing. I redownloaded and when I did, I got an .exe pop up explaining that something went wrong with the application. When I try to remove the old shortcut to have a new shortcut, which it tells me to delete, it then tells me that something went wrong -- again. Did I break Lol. 

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Hey paigethesailor,

Just to be clear, you're talking about using to play a game? Or just playing a game on its own?

Also, which game in particular was that?

Can you post a screenshot when it tells you that something went wrong?