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More customization options for the iframe button

A topic by Winter Wolves created Oct 03, 2017 Views: 160 Replies: 2
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IIt would be nice to have more customization options for the iframe embedded button. For example if you adjust the size it will immediately remove the text and only show the image with buy. Would be nice to be able to hide the image only for example. I'm making some tests but with the current widget size doesn't fit my site layout:

I know I can use the javascript API but would be nicer to just use the embedded button :) thanks


You can use CSS on the containing page to control the size of the iframe. Remove the width and height attributes that are in the markup that gives you.

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Yes, that works, but the problem is that if I resize it to anything less than the original, only the image+button shows. Not the game name, platforms, etc. Would be nice to have more customization options, like remove the thumbnail image on the left for example :)