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Weekly Game Jam

A new game jam every week! Join the community & share your jam. · By Weekly Game Jam, combocat, PouleyKetchoup, Nekomatata

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A topic by Weekly Game Jam created Jun 20, 2021 Views: 736
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Community Rules

You may be banned for breaking any of the following rules.

  • WGJ and ongoing WGJ projects only
  • No spamming the community
  • No inflammatory comments or hate speech
  • Don't be a jerk
  • Have fun

Getting Started

Join the current jam and post in the Introductions thread to get started.
Post your own topics to interact with the community.

Here is a list of current post tags:

  • jammer log — Create a personal jam log
  • team up Find or request team members
  • wgj game Share ongoing updates about your game that started in WGJ
  • theme Theme topics
  • discussion General talk about jamming or game dev
  • help Ask for help
  • game feedback  Give or request feedback for a wgj game

Late Submissions

Make a post in the late submission thread, including the week number and your game link. Admin will usually reply within 24 hrs.

Looking for Help?

Check the FAQ below and search for existing threads first. If nothing comes up, create a new post and tag as help.

Team up

Make a post and tag as team up. You can only post about teaming up for a Weekly Game Jam project.

Screenshots & Progress

Make a post and tag as jammer log or wgj game.
Update or add links to devlogs as you wish.

Theme Discussion

Make a post and tag as theme.

Request Feedback

Make a post and tag as game feedback. You can only request feedback for a game made for the Weekly Game Jam.


Can I update my game after the deadline?
Yes, it's perfectly fine to keep uploading updates to your game.

Can I use pre-made or external assets for my game?
Yes, you can use any pre-made asset or code for your game, as long as you credit the author properly if it was made by someone else.

Can I use any engine/platform/framework to make my game?
Yes, everything is allowed. You just need to make a game you can share with others via link or download.

How can I contact Weekly Game Jam admin?
You can contact us via Twitter: