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Weekly Game Jam

A new game jam every week! Join the community & share your jam. 路 By Weekly Game Jam, TheTorri, PouleyKetchoup, Nekomatata

Introductions Sticky

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Welcome! Introduce yourself.

Hey all, I am a new game developer who has been using the Unity Learn website over the past 3 months now to learn how to use the editor and c#. Last month I participated in the Unity May beginner showcase and made my first personal project from start to finish for it in about 5 days.  I like to make things, code things, do all sorts of things



hi I'm Rafa. I've been participating in the weekly game jam since like week 18. Sad to see the server go but looking forward to the five year anniversary. 


Hey Rafa, it's been a while. Nice to see you here!

I'm always around... Lurking... 馃憖

Hi all.

I'm a recent newcomer to the jam and have been doing it since 203. I'm trying to get into the habit of making something every week. Weekly Game Jam seemed like the perfect fit 馃檪

While I'm sure other jams will pull me away from time to time, I intend to stick around once the Discord server shuts down.

I've shipped games using GameMaker Studio 2 and Unity. I've been committed to Unity for 6+ months and have more recently been using it every day.

Though I have some 3D experience, my style is typically flat and minimalistic. I'm hopeful that my work comes across as charming and stylistically consistent. I lean on the Creative Commons for additional art, music and so on. For SFX I typically generate it in tools like BFXR.

I like your work  :) it's very juicy in my opinion

Thanks 馃槉

Hello from the other side,  I use love and construct for making games. Been busy lately but will definitely join a few more jams when my schedule clears up.


Welcome Alligrater. I just played Pitfall. It was short and sweet. Nice art too.

My summer vacation just started and I think that game jams might be a great way to spend my time for like two months. I hope I am going to have fun doing some game jams and maybe meet some nice people in the community.


Happy vacation, welcome!


Hey everyone,
I'm artist for Nekomatata Games and an admin for WGJ. Can't wait to get to know you all here through the jams and through your games.

Hi everyone. More of a lurker but am keen to do a few upcoming jams to get my coding feet wet again after a bit of a sabbatical.

Looking forward to seeing your games.


I'm admin for WGJ and part of Nekomatata Games. I've been jamming from time to time in the past, more rarely these days. I'll be checking the games and community forum.
Hope everybody will have fun!

Hi all! 馃憢馃徎

My name is Keith, and I鈥檓 a professional software engineer. I got into computer science when I was young because I wanted to make games, but my career did not end up leading me to games as time went on. However, I love making games and demos in my spare time, and even participated in two game jams here. I tend to prefer GameMaker Studio 2, though I鈥檝e dabbled in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

I hope to be able to participate more, and hope to see y鈥檃ll around here! 馃榾

sup. im niru. i go by maxracer in the discord. i enjoy making 2d 1 level submissions to the jams.

hi all, im phoenix, i like to program games

Hey everyone my name is Miguel "Migcreatesgames" the first public game I developed was for a WGJ about 2 years ago. I still like to take part in some of the themes when I am not focusing on my main projects

Hey all! I haven't joined WGJ in a long time but some of my first games were made for it, and I'm sad to see the discord server getting shut down, though I understand the reasons behind it. 

Would it be possible to at least keep the theme announcement channel/bot up and running? Is there a way to see a list of previous themes outside the discord?  

I hope I can join another jam soon. Best of luck to everyone!

Hey. I'm working as a Unity programmer but I want to try and get into doing game jams more consistently to try and broaden my skills a bit. Probably won't be joining WGJ every week but hoping to try and take part when there's time. Thanks

Hello! I'm a composer who's participated in a few since week 150. Take a look at my soundcloud to see the music I make!

I also have some game dev/programming experience. Here's some projects I've made music for and/or programmed

Looking forward to participating in future jams!

Hello, I am a Godot programmer that used to participate in these jams a long time ago. In fact, this was the first game jam I ever participated in. It has been around a year since I joined a WGJ, and want to join it again once more. Though I am not really good as a game dev, I will give my best effort.

I am a bit surprised by this new format, but hopefully I will get used to it. Looking forward to future jams!

Hey all! I've been composing music and sounds since 2018 and I've been actively working on game jams since January including WGJ,  Ludum Dare,  Finally Finish Something,   Firith Studio,   and Global Game Jam!

I make all sorts of music, electronic, orchestral, ambient, experimental...whatever  works for the game I'm composing for! If anybody is interested in teaming up for the next jam, just shoot me a message! You can listen to my past compositions here: 

Hello, I'm kind of new to making games and stuff but I've been using Construct 3 for awhile so I thought a game jam would be a challenge, my main goal is to get better at pixel art. 

Hello. Week 97 "Veteran" that made only 3 games for WGJ so far but planning to go for 4 this time after the general break from game development


Welcome back!

Hi. I鈥檓 a programmer. I鈥檓 trying my hand at game jams again. My goal is to just have something submitted. I never finish my games. I just get so caught up in the details.


Hey, welcome and good luck finishing up this time. Deciding what the main goal of the game is and focusing on that has helped me. Maybe it can work for you too. Things like game menu and extra features and polish always come last since they can be distracting. Again, good luck and have fun.

hey whats your discord


Hello folks!

Anchorlight here. I鈥檓 a novice composer, C# programmer, and 3D artist making games while finishing university. I have entered WGJ a number of times (though most of those didn鈥檛 reach the finish line), and am currently working on fleshed-out prototypes of two former WGJ ideas. I am also working on a retro-FPS as well as a stealth game based on a former WGJ concept.

I have experience with Unity, Blender, GIMP, and Ableton.

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Hi all, I'am 3D artist and noob game dev in Unity (i'm french , my english is not good). I want to participate in the weekly jam 208 with 3 friends. When the jam begin?

hey i am a pixel art maker and looking for a team for a scp crawl type game

Hello, im fairly new to 3D art, im 17. I did do  computation called skills USA and got first place this year. Im looking to maybe brodern my horizons and get better at the 3D art side of things. so yeah that's me 

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I'm the chromian, I really prefer discord to forums because it's faster paced and the entire reason I do game jams is because I have no patience. I'm mostly a programmer and musician and I use unity. I did some weekly game jams last year (171 and 172) and now I'm back.

Hi! I am a 3D modeler and C# Unity programmer. But I don't make music at all. Has been in game development for 1.5 years. Most of my games on are made for WGJ and I'm happy about that. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take part because of the main work, but I try.

Hi I'm Leonard, participated in week 199 and really enjoyed what I made. Looking forward to participating every so often.
I use Godot, am a programmer, but do pixel art and music also.

Hi! I'm Tangent. Programming's my day job but it's dull business stuff; I've done the Ludum Jam a few times in past years but wanted to try something with a more forgiving timeframe.

Trying Unity this time, in part to try and suppress the impulse to reinvent the wheel instead of letting the engine handle it, in part because I'm working with a friend who has used Unity before.

Hey everyone, total newcomer here - found out about WGJ about 30 mins ago and instantly wanted to get involved when I saw this week's theme. Trying to break out of a funk from taking on a solo project that's a bit too ambitious for my current capabilities and levels of free time.

Really excited to give this a go, so far I've only made simple android puzzle/arcade games and I usually spend too long on projects. Fingers crossed this will help push me to be more agile while learning new things in the process!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone submits!

Follow-up: I did it! I actually did it!

Over the moon that I managed to get something published in time (particularly trying to wrestle with getting Unity WebGL builds to work!)

Good luck everyone!

Hi everyone, Im a Sound Designer / Music Composer based in London and I would love to get involved on some projects / Jams in the future. Here is a little about my work :

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PixelCat - aka Demeggy, UK based, entered a couple of times in the past. Rarely get to dev much these days due to adult life, so it's nice to find a weekly theme that resonates, very nearly couldn't find the place as I was so used to it being over on Discord :)

Hello there! :D 

I am a new developer and I really and I mean REALLY want to see how it is in a game jam!

Here  are some info abt me:

nothing :)

Hello! My name is Chloe and I've wanted to make games all my life and I just can't seem to actually follow through. Well.. time to just jump in and force a deadline on myself to learn and get better! I'm a software developer who's been placed in big data... yay lol. Looking forward to working alongside and getting to know you all here! ^-^

Hey, I'm not so new, I've taken part in 2 WGJ, but a while back using Unity. Now I'm trying to actually complete a game jam using Godot. I've played around with Godot before, I'm just not so good at putting together a whole game for some reason. 

Hi guys, I haven't been developing games for a while and now I want to come back and be active again. I want to team up and possibly make new friends!

Hey! At the moment I am 16 years old. I signed up for a long time ago, but only now decided to create simple games, so I joined this jam. Of course, I don't think my first creations will be good, but I will try to learn. Thank you all for reading my message!

P. S: My English is bad because it is not my native language, so forgive me if you misunderstood somewhere :(

Hello I haven't participated the WGJ for long time. I have four games submitted around 2019 and try to come back again.

Hi there. I have done lots of weekly game jams before. Maybe I'll do another one some day :)

Hello I'm a rookie artist but keep learning everyday. I do pixelart, specially 8x8-32x32. Heres a sample of a game I'm currently working on!

Hello, I'm a relatively new game developer. I've been trying to finish a game for a long time, but I can never get the motivation to bring a project to an end, and I'm hoping this game jam can help me. Wish me good luck! :D

Im PranshuTG in a coder using godot!

Hello! Going to try and make some games. I'm trying to figure out the perfect JAM-time for me, and this one seems ideal. Hope everyone has fun!