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Discuss Theme 208

A topic by Weekly Game Jam created Jun 20, 2021 Views: 2,246 Replies: 11
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Brainstorm game ideas for theme 208

Deleted 1 year ago

This thread is for discussing the current theme, I've just renamed the title to be more clear.

Please put your suggestion in this thread so we keep it:


Hi Im going to discuss theme 226 Curling:
Curling i know is an Olympic sport played by all countries with a kettle and brooms on ice

Who can be enemy for snowman?

Hi there! Music Composer and producer looking for a team

Check out some of my stuff here ----->

Or here

And feel free to message me with any questions!

is any engine allowed?


Yes! There's no restriction on the engine or tools you can use.

thank you

Is it allowed to use free assets (specifically music interests us)?

So the theme is Hike, the idea of the my game is a long travel by wagon, is my game still on theme?


Yes It's fine! Using the theme is important, but your interpretation can be very flexible.