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Monster World RPG

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You can download it by visiting its official website:




Watch here the videos:



info AT monsterworldrpg DOT com


GAME NAME: Monster World RPG


TOOL USED: RpgMaker2003

RELEASE TYPE: full free game (ver. 1.0)


LANGUAGE: english

SIZE: 148 MB (zipped)

About Monster World RPG

Monster World RPG is a fan game inspired by the Monster World (Wonder Boy in the US) series, made by SEGA and Westone for Arcade, Sega Master System and Genesis. It's no a sequel, prequel or remake, but a brand new game in rpg style instead of platform.

The game you can download here is the COMPLETE VERSION, a complex rpg game developed with RpgMaker2003 with many different monsters.

Along with Max, the main hero, there's other five characters, which can be inserted or removed from the team as you wish. Also there's many sidequests: all of them are kept in a special “book menu”, so you won't forget them. The main hero also can be customized with different spells, magic weapons, and more.

The full version of the game is only the one you can download form its official website: the other version you can find around the net are old incomplete demos.



The place is Aqua Kingdom. The hero of this story, Max, lives in the Valley of Peace near Purapril, the capital. Since his friend Shion left for Purapril to do his knight duties, Max life got boring. A morning while hunting in the woods he found a strange creature he never seen before. Unsure about the creature's "taste" he decided to avoid making it his meal, but keep it as his pet. Now that he has a "party member" he decide that's time for him to leave the valley for a more exciting life. He decide to go to Purapril to meet again his friend Shion but while attemping to enter into the city two guards block his way forcing him to travel somewhere else. Where will Max go now? Will Max be able to enter in town? And what is happening there? Unbeknowst to him his "adventurous life" has already begun . . .



The hero of the game. He's a fighter, so he won't learn new skills by leveling up. Instead, he gets new skills by learning them from other people, by equipping certain equipment or getting special items.


Pepe is a strange animal that no one knows its species or place of origin. He can only say “pepe”, so Max gave him this name. His species is unknown so he's considered an “odd pet”. Pepe starts with some skills and learn more as his level increases. He can't use any equipment, but only attacking with his claws.


Priscilla is a small fairy from Alsedo, the fairy village. She lives with Eleanora, the fairy queen. Being a fairy she mainly knows healing and assist spells.


Shabo is a death god, wich is actually a species, not a deity. Shabo knows many spells, mainly attack spells but also some assist spells. If used wisely he can be a great ally.


Hotta is a dwarf from Lilypad, the dwarf village. He can't use spells but istead uses special skills. He's a very strong character and can greatly damage the enemies. His only weakness is that he's the slowest character.


Junior is a baby dragon from Begonia. He may be just a baby, but due to his dragon lineage his power is great. He's almost as strong as Hotta and is faster, but has lower resistances and less skills.


MAX TEAM is a two men team composed by: Massimo - author, storyboarder, chara designer, final tester, main advertiser; Fernando - main programmer, tiles & faceset designer, music & sound, beta tester, final scripter. MAX TEAM has also many friends who gave help listed in the credits of the game.


Please feel free to comment the game on the forum as much as you want. Your feedback is important for us. In any case, to simplify our work for a future release of a version 1.1 of the game, you should send your comments to us to the following email address: info AT monsterworldrpg DOT com

Thanks in advance and enjoy our game!!!


it’s Massimo here, author of Monster World RPG and member of the game developer duo known as “MAX TEAM”.

After a few months since the release of our well-received fan-videogame “Monster World RPG”, I’m here to give you some info.

Me and Fernando, the programmer of the game, are already working on the release, scheduled to happen within the next year, of the enanched version of our game, a “fixed” version created thanks to the beloved feedbacks many players send to us during the last months.

Usually it is me who "follow" directly our advertising activities on the social networks and so I take this chance to thanks our supporters again and also to give a special thanks to Fernando who, in thoose many years of developing the game, went through the “boring”part of development (a.k.a. “programming”) while I was doing the creative part by writing the story and debugging the game again and again (a.k.a. “play the game”).

If he did not decided to take over the project along with me sometihng like 10 years ago, today there won’t be any “Monster World RPG” for you to play.

As you probably know, I originally write the whole story (with minor differences from its final version) and had created the first demo of the game after I had ripped and customized many sprites from the original series of games from which our own took inspiration.

I believe setting the story, make the storyboard, debugging (again and again) and advertising the game it is an important work: but when you are into videogame creation, if there’s nobody which do the “programming thing”, there is nothing to release to the public!!!).

Fernando is also a skilled artist - he draw almost 99% of the original facesets in the game: remember to visit his deviantart page here: <a href="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ffcm-nilesnake.deviantart.com%2F%3Frnrd%3D22935&h=ATNCfHiVNSu8Q2qpJIsvPZ_glyycZlPmQOtBa6AtBkEQn4ALxEVgyIDRinZpSEJqeZ02PrUh3PhvqzB0y5-Q8xFmMFPsMsxPQUhPKMb3J2PS72yiwA5np2ZkqyPcbBWEnkLPZ_ANf9hNoB8TizTQefkSkqgcvCRoZzqfYlyxbG7fyfl3IF2KkMyBVG3yTnXtd0OmoWcZSRjs7JjZtdD3bxlq8DOThrWrIgXr9gfnJp4ddrRIxCykRaKdjfV2DI1SYN-OPYSXj2EL01VN4Uvpa4GFh5Liw-M10neI29uIB9fcvXI" target="_blank" data-ft="{" tn":"-u"}"="" rel="noopener nofollow" data-lynx-mode="async">https://fcm-nilesnake.deviantart.com/?rnrd=22935</a></p>

More info about our game development history will come in a soon-to be interview by our n° 1 fan X-Buster, developer of another Monster World inspired game - link: <a href="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Frpgmaker.net%2Fgames%2F3850%2F&h=ATNZ_GscINDBYFslImkkJ9fxVWW24gnxTIobKR2R_qYsur1HxDr9lhR5QblDaV2x1u-8XLtR4FM3JD5XexZ1CjkV5gDZbALKVpBDb3Eq3Y7FplpxXidOTwOEgKO_ii5ZytlScRnjj0B7YgC5r47MBx77vChlD00jM4eggHFBTXHQiYV-U3Nbx9UGUDnF7rx53T6_BEaBDea_BpuJA88eW98Aj7uSjorddLWdloqnVjvZAVHScSEtrQCEkAigvkDLWRfIodXLyHWJzCt1NmJ8R9YxyL2cd7M84qy846aU" target="_blank" data-ft="{" tn":"-u"}"="" rel="noopener nofollow" data-lynx-mode="async">https://rpgmaker.net/games/3850/</a></p>

Thanks again for your support to everybody.