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Music Scrolls Guide / All Locations [version 1.0.4]

A topic by BGGSZ created Jun 15, 2021 Views: 18,212 Replies: 17
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NOTE: Some scrolls need specific affinity stories to be finished first, so the affinity character has been added in brackets where needed, the rest that don't have anything in brackets can be found by just going to the location normally.


3. Afternoon Wood - under the drawer cabinet in Gregor's room [Gregor affinity #1]

6. A Sexier Encounter - at Selim's Shop

10. Helgem Earth - inside a vase at the Valley Shop in Rusty Valley

14. A Hand on Your Ass - under the one night stand in Grant's bedroom

15. Sniffing Memories - inside the flower pot in Giant Loyd's bedroom [Loyd affinity #1]

18. A Compromising Situation - inside a cauldron at the house in Feasterra [Horace affinity #3]

20. Beton's Army - under the couch in Ghart's house [Ghart affinity #1]

24.  Just The Tip - next to the flower pot in the VIP area of the Royal Orgy room in the castle [Tyran affinity #3]

25. The Tyrant King - on a shelf in the Royal Bar [Tyran affinity #1]


1. The Adventure Begins - the chest in front of the top floor room at Hubert's Inn

4. Evening Wood - under Hanth's bed [Hanth affinity #1]

7. Living A Happy Life - the chest in Ghart's bedroom [Ghart affinity #1]

9. Whellcum's History - on the shelf at Rafaelo's Workshop

13. Strip Lucky - inside the barrel in Horace's house

17. You Better Work, B!#$% - drawer inside the top floor room at Hubert's Inn [Hubert affinity #1]

21. A Hot Investigation - living room at Zack's house sticking out of a drawer [Zack affinity #2]

23. Dangerous Places - the pot on the right in front of the Bandit's hideout in Golden Sand

26. Return Of The King - in the flower pot next to the bed in Tyran's bedroom [Tyran affinity #3]


2. Morning Wood - held the hand statue in Orderic's bedroom [Orderic affinity #1]

5. A Sexy Encounter - inside the room that Robin stays in at Hubert's Inn

8. A Bit of Sorrow - inside Valdo's hut

11. A Fly in the Lube - the barrel on the right in Hanth's Forge

12. Liam's Tavern - the barrels at Liam's Tavern

16. Whellcum's Gates - on top of the books to the left in Horace's basement

19. Whellcum's Castle - under one of the seats at the theater inside The Castle

22. Whellcum's Hell - the barrel inside 'Ultima Plug' in Astaroth's Dungeon

13-"Strip Lucky - inside the barrel in Horace's house during the evening" (in version 7.4 it comes out in the afternoon)

Music scrolls number 23 can now be obtained, since they adjust the numbers now 24 becomes 23.

13 was already "Strip Lucky" from a few versions ago, and 24 is now 23 for the order to be good. A soundtrack can't have a upcoming track listed as an earlier number, so only the final 24 will be missing.

16. - In Horace's basement )

Thanks for reporting. I must have forgotten to type in the location when i wrote this.

Deleted 2 years ago

#21 only during the day.


I got #21 during the evening. It didn't show up during the day. 

Updated the post with a better structure, latest game info from version 9.20

Thank you 馃槂

I can麓t find #14.  

Deleted 1 year ago
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It is bugged, just click around the area I've circled on the screenshot below

uhhh a mystery roll 馃槀

Btw top game 馃憤

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Updated for version 1.0

I couldn鈥檛 find scroll 23, evening or night I don鈥檛 see it in the barrel. Can someone please help, thank you.

It looks like  it is actually 22 for Whellcum's Hell. 23 is Dangerous Places.

Yeah, sorry about that. Didn't notice the change. It should be correct now.

Alrighty, I got it. Thank you both. ^^