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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

Plan to donate soon/question

A topic by vitokin created Sep 27, 2017 Views: 182 Replies: 2
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Hello i am new player of Axu i played older builds silently, without using an account or anything... I would very much love to donate is the game going to stay free or do i get something special other than satisfaction of helping out the development? If nothing special it'S cool I feel it's the right thing i will donate because i'm a big fan of roguelikes and this one is brutal imo :D Also a huge fan of post-apocalyptic stuff like mad max

I don't have any concrete plans to release a paid version, but I might after I'm out of Alpha and into Beta. It all depends on how confident I am with the game's playability as a paid title. I don't have anything special to offer anyone who donates, as this is just a hobby project for me  

Thanks for the fair reply :D and no worries keep up the good work!!!!!!!