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NO LOVE (JRPG, Action, Adventure)

A topic by WallaceLovecraft created 28 days ago Views: 192 Replies: 23
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In this game you follow the character named Agro who leaves his home town for something new. On his journey he finds new friends. Together they try to fight the darkness within their world.

This game deals with rape, death, friendship, religion, loneliness, and more. This game may trigger people. This game is for MATURE audiences only.


  • A rich story, in my opinion, as story comes first for my creations
  • Original art from the depths of my mind
  • In my opinion this is a casual game meant for casual players like myself
  • Dark humour but also funny game
  • Nice music single handily picked by me
  • Lots of sad parts
  • Lots of blood and swearing
  • Unique attacks and animations with unique sounds made especially for each and every one of them
  • Special attack that will have OP moves
  • Every character has their own unique passive and set of abilities  as well
  • You can play with one hand or a controller
  • Animated bosses and enemies
  • Made for 1920x1200 res
  • I believe my game is fully hand drawn by me of course
  • Bring any party member into the fight whenever
  • Simpler items so no light armor, medium armor, and wizards can only use wands bullshit. Everyone can wear and use the same shit!
  • Change controls whenever you want with keybindings option ingame or at the start menu



It will be on all platforms for PC. RPGMAKER MV has recently been updated to support linux distribution.


Only me, Wallace Lovecraft! ;-]


My main site

My twitter


I feel like I should be doing this. :..-[

Inking cutscene

I'm digging the character designs. Since you are delving into heavy stuff I hope that it is well thought out and well executed with respect. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thank you! :-] I hope that I do it right too.

Almost finished colouring cutscenes. Need to do two more then I'll need to do the bg for the boss battle.

- This is an image from a cutscene. The guy is teasing the main character.

- I have finished the cutscenes and implemented them into the game and played it.

- I went back and made a quick fix on a characters sprite and cutscene who is wearing a bandage.

- The boss battle is giving me trouble with the battle back.

I may have to go back to  school again and I think it would be great cause I love to learn but I really don't know what I want to do. Also I may have to end up paying for the tuition in the long run which I don't want. I just really want to make my games,

I could stay on my current plan and try to finish my game and hope for the best. I could try to Kickstarter it but I don't really want to do that. I could also move away and just work on it.

I'm really stressed out and it has been affecting my work all day and will most likely affect me the whole month.

I need to fix the battle back thing! :.-[ The demo should be done by next week.

There wasn’t a problem with the battle backs. I just have little knowledge of the engine.

Added darker red lines in the bg of cutscene frame 9

Quick fix on cutscene frame 10 where there is a little white spot not coloured in

Quick fix on cutscene frame 12 where there is a little white spot not coloured in

Coloured in overpaint on a cutscene frame 16

Quick fix on cutscene frame 16 and inked in lashes

Went back to a character sprite of the boss because he had 3 spikes on his chest when it should be 2. I made the sprite first and used one of my drawings of him as reference. The drawings for the cutscenes though, have only 2 spikes on his chest so I went back to the sprite and changed it.

Going to make it more immersive by making more bust pictures for the characters. This was actually something that I want to bypass/ not do because of added work but I honestly feel like I have to because I’m somewhat of a perfectionist. Things just need to be close to perfect.

So I made the busts and implemented them into the game. 

In battle if you or the enemy dies by a punch you get a zoomed in version of a conversation. It's ok but I wish it would scale to screen. I gotta keep it in though cause I feel like it needs to stay that way.

I will need to do some balancing tomorrow and start on a new set of cutscenes.

Didn’t balance boss fight, might do it tomorrow

Quick fixed details on the red boss guy cause of his flipped sv sprites, which means I have to quick fix the cutscene, busts, and his sprite on lvl 5 :.-[

Adjusted attacks and skills cooldowns and when people get certain skills

Going to make two new skills, a moon skill and slap skill

Made sky glare sprites for lvl 5

Currently inking a cutscene, it’s becoming a bit more complex than intended because I want it to look cooler. Basically it’s going to be animated 

I don't think today was that productive but I did something which was continue on the cutscene that has become a bit more complex. One more frame to go.

"Look at the dot of purple to the left on the green guys head. Yuck!"

Even though I haven’t been updating, I have actually been working on this everyday. Here are most of the things that I’ve done.

Went back to FRAME C5 SC4 and C5 SC5 1  though 4 and changed little details on BANDA’S BODY like adding a spike on his back and leather strap at the bottom part of his body

Went back to FRAME C2 SC13 to remove the mountain in the bg and I did a quick fix on a small bit of orange on the leather strap where it should be just full brown. Perfectionist 101

Made two new skills and implemented them into the game, BITCH SLAP and BLINDED BY THE MOON

With the blinded by the moon there were lots of trial and error kind of things happening because the limitations of the engine are real. So the first version of BBTM just couldn’t work for me because upscaling the moon to how I wanted it to be on screen would mean the it would look kind of shitty. Basically had to do the animation a little different but I think it turned out good.

Did the after boss fight cutscene, lots of trial and error on this because of the animation, just constantly going back and forth and trying new ways to try and get it to be smoother.

I believe I couldn’t make the animation smooth because I couldn’t use decimals like 0.1 or 0.2 for the wait command so the animation just looks kind of choppy. 

Basically what I mean is, when I put the number 1 for the wait command and it goes to the next picture, when I play the cutscene in game it just skips some frames of the animation so the lowest number that I can use for the wait command on these scenes had to be 5. 

Also if an event is too big it starts to chug so I had to simplify it. Everything is as good as I can get it. I think it turned out well and is pretty much my vision of it. Because of this I will try and keep cutscenes even simpler by just using pictures.

Quick fixing dialogue on the end cutscene as well as some words get cut off. Basically because of the 1920x1080 size of the screen that I’m using for the game it makes the engines message box not work for me so I have to manually adjust it. I think there is a word wrap option on yanflys script but I don’t trust it.

C5 SC2 and C5 SC7 need to have a quick fix because I forgot to put Agro’s crystals on him.

Made the game over screen and it looks great. Wish it could be animated but I don’t know how to do that.

Made quick fix on C5 SC4 where you can see a small pink dot on Davids head.

Added two new images to the demo.

Went back and cleaned title screen and splash screen to be crispier.

I actually enjoy playing my game even though what I have is quite short.

I am currently making passive skills.

Might run some more test on the boss battle tomorrow but I believe it is done. It’s not too hard but easy if you do it right.  :-0

I’m thinking of releasing the demo next week.





Change eyes of David on the walk cycle

Added bot crystals on Agro's body C2 SC19

Cutscene 2 SC5 quick fix,  David had a small bit of green overpaint

ALL Cutscene 5 SC8 images AND FOR SC6 Agro’s crystal had a quick fix

Added in credits and made adjustments to how I want the status menu to look like.

Added in all the details for the passives so you can see what they do in game

Added profile for characters

Manual is finished.

Finalizing demo


C4 SC11

C5 SC1

C5 SC3

C5 SC4

BG FIX ON C5 SC5 1 - 14

Need to also change DAVIDS crystal which is missing on cutscene 2

Adjusted C2 SC2 Agro’s crystal and rectangle

Adjusted all Agro busts

C2 SC6 sand debris overpaint fix

C2 SC7 clean up on spots that were bothering me like a little bit of red on his finger where it should be fully white

Fixed grammatical error for the blue character inside a house where he says “you” and it should be “to”

Finished the demo

It was hell

I plan to release it in the evening of tomorrow.

I have finished the demo and have released it at



Have fun!

Finished bg tilesets for level 6.

Started making new party members.

Placing tiles for level 6. 

Finished busts for the two new characters. 

Also finished face images.

Finished the two new characters walk cycles.

Made a new level to introduce the new party members

Basically 90% done another level which is bigger and more designed

Made new Gabe bust (green guy)

Started on level 6 cutscenes

This character art is dope! Are you using Photoshop or tablet or some other mystical contraption? The art style is so ... crunchy, like cereal for your eyeballs! 

Thank you! "Like cereal for your eyeballs!" lol. So yes, I'm using photoshop and an old medium sized Wacom intuos 4 tablet. 

Slick stuff! Keep up the good work! (the world needs more eyeball cereal.)

Will do. Thanks! ;-]


Finished cutscene 6 

Need to make items and stuff