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Goblin Frontier (Topdown Coop Adventure Farming RPG)

A topic by AdventureByte created Sep 24, 2017 Views: 1,262 Replies: 10
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Welcome to the devlog for Goblin Frontier!

Goblin Frontier is an open-ended adventure RPG game which focuses on exploration, base building, and survival in the harsh wilderness of a mysterious land. The game seeks to bring together the excitement of adventure games such as the Legend of Zelda with the satisfaction and reward that can be felt in Harvest Moon games or Stardew Valley when you create a homestead out of a once overgrown and wild piece of land. 

The game will allow for houses and farms to be built by the player, these can even become home for both animals and NPC’s alike. Crops will need to be planted and harvested if one expects to survive on the Frontier.

I also plan on making it fully playable cooperatively with a friend on the same machine so you don’t have to adventure alone!

The game features procedurally generated terrain so that you will always have a chance to experience something new and discover interesting locations. The frontier will be full of unique, handcrafted places and you will never know what lies around the corner!

Follow this devlog  and follow @AdventureByte on twitter and instagram for updates!


Sounds fun! I'm looking forward to seeing further developments.

Stay tuned for more info, its great to have you on board with development!


Stunning visuals, and the character is way cool!

Thank you! There will be more to come!

First Harvest

This is the official start of functioning crops! They grow over time and yield seeds among other resources that goblins will collect for survival on the frontier.

This was a fun bit to work on and is pretty exciting because adding different crops shouldn't be too difficult now (once the pixel art is finished that is!).


I really like the choice of colors used, big fan of the old school classic look.  Is this made with RPG Maker? I myself am working on a project using that platform.

Thank you I appreciate the compliment! It is actually being developed with Gamemaker Studio 2. You can learn more here:

Feel free to ask me about any other questions you may have about it though, it is a great tool!


Partner in Crime!

Here is a quick teaser screenshot to celebrate working splitscreen!

Stay tuned for more screenshots and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!


Chopping Trees

Development is coming along nicely. This week I added lots of interactions between weapons and the game world, here is a quick sneak peek:

It’s starting to become a lot more fun to go around chopping down trees and searching for berries!


Nice! Also looks a lot greener than the previous screenshots :]

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