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Proper DLC support planned ?

A topic by Winter Wolves created Sep 24, 2017 Views: 600 Replies: 5
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unless I missed something, a proper DLC support is missing. What I mean? Simply, on Steam I can create a DLC for the base game very quickly. Here I can do an extra version with game+DLC, but it's not very practical if for example there are 3-4 DLCs.


base game + DLC 1 + DLC 2 + DLC 3

would be much more convenient if was possible to upload the base game, and then the DLC as separate upload/downloads, so players could buy them individually (maybe some players like DLC1 but not DLC2, etc).

Instead right now the only solution is to make each combination of base game + the various DLC and honestly it's not practical.

In summary having the possibility to upload a subfolder/files of the main project as DLC, like:

gamedirectory/ => upload it as base game

gamedirectory/DLC1/ => upload it as DLC 1, in the itchio app should be possible to download and MERGE the content, not REPLACE the base game

and so on for all the various DLCs. Of course with the download system wouldn't be much practical but that's fine (if people want to download and then manually unzip it in the game installation folder, well they can always do it).


Hey, it's definitely something we'd like to add. I'm thinking that DLC will have a separate product page and in order to buy it you must have the base game. Do you see any issues with this?

When we do add it, we'd like to have a few different implementation mechanisms that will allow developers to configure how the additional content is installed, including the method you described.

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No, how you describe it is fine. That's how it works on Steam too after all :)

Only thing I would also add is list the DLC / buy button on the base game page automatically, maybe below the default purchase options. Thanks


News about this ?

I'd very much like to hear news about a DLC support as well!

The way that I can think of doing it before it is implemented into is top make a 'Gold' Edition of the game with all the DLCS so the consumer starts to trust you and doesn't think your a second 'EA' ( Electronic Arts ). Get the trust before releasing 5 copies each with a different DLC making them pay for the base game and the DLC each time they buy your game. To have multiple DLC make a Silver , Gold , Diamond , ETC.  each with more and more DLCS and benefits but warn the consumer that the edition contains the 'BASE GAME'. This could also help with branding by making special banners and in game benefits so if the player wants to they could buy just the base game. and If they  want a special thing ( Skins, ETC. ) Then they have to get a better version ( TF2 Premium ). BUT DO NOT DO WHAT EA ARE DOING. DO NOT LOCK ANYTHING AWAY FROM THE PLAYER OR THE TRUST BETWEEN YOU AND THE PLAYER WILL BE BROKEN AND YOU MAY NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN... EVER.