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Hairic's Card - MtG meets Darkest Dungeon

A topic by Hairic Lilred created Sep 21, 2017 Views: 1,042 Replies: 4
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Good day or night, I'm Hairic.

I've been working almost non stop since this saturday on my last idea for a game and for once it seems it seems I found some kind of rhythm and started to create some bulk, even if it isn't playable yet. It's certainly something more done than every other project I tried to start.

The game consists in a card game duel between two player, both starting with a hero who have to defeat the opponent, help with creatures, abilities and all that jazz. Each player has five spaces in which he has to manage his hero and his creatures; each space determines who the standing critter can attack or be attacked.

I'm the first to admit that this isn't a revolutionary idea, but it's something I think to be get done, even if it won't be the perfect game. It doesn't have to be, since it would be my first game.

I'm using Godot Engine 2.2, which has some intresting function for multiplayer, even if in 3.0 those function should be better. For now, I will work with what is available.

Thank for the visit and have a great day

Some bad news: I think I can't make the game multiplayer right now.

While testing, the game could connect to other computer but after some day, without having touch the networking code, the pcs couldn't connect anymore. I don't know if it is a problem of my internet connection, if I did something wrong or if the Godot Engine build I'm using isn't stable enough.

To be sure to keep the project alive, I'll make the player battle an AI I will hopefully implement.

I'll have to redo some code and that's a shame, but ehy... There aren't any mistakes, just happy little accidents.

After some rework, I redesigned the ui to be larger and added a drop "up" menu for the card in the hand, after I stole got inspired by the DevStream of Mass O'Kyzt by AlexHoratio (check him out at this link) and finally I added a card dragger (that white ring) that will pass the card data to the field zone if it is released on top of it.

I still have a lot of work to do, but this time I'm not going to stop

Good news everyone! I did stuff!

First of all I made the card in hand and the card on the field two separated types of entities, so the first has only to worry to be place on the field, while the latter will have the possibility to cast ability an so on.

Also, the hand container now will automaticly go down when a card is selected and if the card isn't place on a valid frame the hand container will return up by itself!

Finally, I did a quick placeholder draw for the card, the cute Yilo!

Overall it has been a productive day.

Goodnight and keep be productive!

Uff. And now I got to attend university, but this won't stop me!

The game keeps going on and now it has even TWO cards, the cute Yilo and the devastanging Spell Bolt.

Each craeture in the game has two main attributes: Attack and Health. Now the latter actually matters, since when the value reaches 0 now the creature will be sent in the discarded card pile (NB: find a better name).

The spell has instead an generalized effect called with a keyword and the game will now how handle them.

Well here's some cruent imagery of a enemy Yilo blasted off by a mighty spell!

P.S.: Also the card dragger looks better now.