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Escalation - A lite kinetic novel

A topic by NeverLoseGuy created 29 days ago Views: 56 Replies: 3
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This is a project I have been working on. This VN will be a story about war between 2 factions : IATO and NLF.

IATO = International Anti-terrorism Army

NLF = New Leader's Force

So far I have finished 2 chapters. I plan to have around 7-8 chapters plus a cliffhanger for the next project.

Here's the cover of the project :

And this is one of the CGs :

Excuse my drawing skills, it's not my expertise.

Here's the sypnosis :

In 2014, a man named Smith "Double Barrel" Dardavil has caused chaos in Moscow, Russia. Thousands of people have died from him alone. He has been gone since then.

Until 3 years later, when he resurfaced to the world and back with armies with advanced technology that quickly overwhelmed Russian force. Soon enough, Russia has fallen and The Land of New Order was born.

Now known as "The New Leader's Forces" or simply NLF, they bring havoc to the world.

In response to the threat, an organization known as "International anti-terrorism army" or IATO, declared war on the NLF. Little did they know the consequences of doing so...

Will try to keep this updated everytime a chapter is finished.



Just finished chapter 3. It is titled "Vengeance on its way".

This chapter will showcase a man who has lost his family from the NLF's onslaught. Will he get his revenge, or will he become one of those victims? You will find out in this chapter.

Finished Chapter 4.

Lots of interesting things happened here but I don't wanna spoil it for you. Lets just say things changed a lot in this world.

This chapter is titled "Civil War".

Finished Chapter 5

This one may surprise you with something mid-way so be prepared.

This chapter is titled "The Russian Terror".