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OMEGAz - Dystopian absurd side-scroller shooter (progressive thread, feedback wanted)

A topic by S. Drakensson created Sep 21, 2017 Views: 163 Replies: 1
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Wow uh I have never done this before and quite honestly I never expected myself to do this. In fact I have never done prototyping for my games and asked for the early feedback. So I guess it's about time now. Because indie development has made it become harder and harder to get some attention and feedback :D

So I am doing my first commercial game, OMEGAz. A 2D side-scroller game with absurd humor in it. inspired by the tone in
Rise of The Triad (2013). The game is set in a totalitarian city, USA year 2020. The security company Proioxis control the city.
In this city, everybody who dress in a certain way, voice something controversial or are considered a danger to Proioxi's rules are punished violently. You play as Kinsaku (odd name yeah yeah) who frequently gets in trouble with the fanatics in Proioxis.
On one fateful night she storms their HQ in order to save a dear friend from being executed, as well as attempting to bring their organization to an end

Kinsaku was intentionally written to be a dislikable and cold character, in order to bring a different category of protagonists to the table.
I also did this to provide players with an emotional experience. But, OMEGAz is in fact not really about the story and deep characters.
OMEGAz is about providing players with absurd unrivaled demented humor, non-cliched gameplay and a strong audiovisual cooperation.
Jumping into OMEGAz and expecting logical sense and realism will only result in seizures xD It's best to prepare yourself

Here is a list of planned features:
- Power suits and disguises
- Stealth segments
- Optional story branch
- Controllable bullets
- Boss battles

I got two prototypes out here now, they are meant for showing of Maximus, the prominent weapon the player is armed with.
But more prototypes will come, and they will get more and more advanced and decorated with each one.
You can keep track of them here

Thank you for your time and I hope for some feedback. Because as said, it's almost impossible to get today.
I can also return the favor, but you have to link me to your project

Fixed a frame-rate issue for the prototype. If the game looks to be running slower than 50 frames per second, let us know