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Importing into Unity

A topic by rhacer created Sep 20, 2017 Views: 224 Replies: 2
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I write code, I am definitely not an artist, so having something like Asset Forge that allows me to cobble something half-way respectable together is a blessing. That said, I think I must be doing something incorrectly as when I export from Asset Forge (as OBJ) and import into Unity, while I get the model just fine, the materials are not just fine.  I've exported as both merged and un-merged, and in both cases no textures or colors are associated with the materials that get imported. I can import a texture after the fact and apply it, but that's awfully painful.

I'm using Unity v5.6.2.

Just wanted to add, that I upgraded to 2017.1 today to see if it was a problem with my version of Unity, but I still have the same issue with imports.

And just wanted to add one more thing, Using FBX is almost perfect. Far far smoother than OBJ. I still have to re-apply textures by hand, but the textures actually import correctly.