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[Hobby/possible REV-Share] Looking for a Pixel Artist for a Metroidvania game

A topic by Kageyasha created Sep 20, 2017 Views: 238 Replies: 5
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Hello, im looking for a Pixel artist to create a Metroidvania dark souls stylish game.
It´s a hobby project but if it goes well we could earn money and you can fill your portfolio. It doesnt matter if u are a "beginner" Pixel artist,everyone who does better than me(which is not hard haha) is fine! 
Core player mechanics almost done!

Contact me via,twitter or discord

twitter :

discord : Kageyasha#9120

I'm a little curious. Do you just need pixelart or also have the pixelart animated?



Oh I see. I'm not too experienced with animation sadly.

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Its fine,you could just give ur best. Anway if u still interested contact me! :)

i think i still need to practice more and im also starting a new job today so imma be busy. gl with your game!