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GTDP Sports Racing

A topic by DylanP98 created Jan 20, 2016 Views: 174
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GTDP Sports Racing version 1.00

Almost finished with major parts of the game, besides a few little parts like the ability to save your custom liverys. Anyway, this is a big project for me as I'm the only one working on it, but it is a two-dimensional racing style game that goes back to the basics with stellar pixel graphics (not really, but good lookin'), basic functions (race, get money, buy more stuff), and fun customization. The abilities of the livery editor are limitless. You can even draw wings on your car and then paint it however you want! There is also the ability to buy upgrades, step by step. It makes your car way faster but it costs a lot of money! Limited to nine credits of money, you must have a good strategy to win all 75 events. Even after the 75 events, you can create your own races to beat! Virtually endless!

This game will be a ton of fun. It's only time consuming if you do a bunch of races and then edit your car. I look forward to your thoughts! Thanks to everyone!