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Wanna fight bosses in a 2D top down shooter ? Eburnean is for you !

A topic by Lucas Delvallet created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 236 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone !

My brother and I made a game ! Yeaaaah !

In Eburnean, you shoot things that shoots you! It has bosses because, well, it's a boss rush game and it's a top down shooter that feature paint. A loooooot of paint, everywhere. And guess what, this paint is magical because it allows you to be stronger and to slow-down time ! Slowing down time is sooo cooooool. (This excedent of vowels is purely for slow-down effect).

To be serious for a bit, the game has been developed in C# using the Monogame framework. Except the musics, everything has been made by us in about 1 year of non-constant free time. It's available here on and is "Pay-what-you-want-for", meaning you can have it for free, or for anything between a few cents to a few millions.

The game features:

- 8 bosses. Each one with his own fighting pattern and with his own dialog with the player.

- 8 Characters. They all have their own skills and characteristics. The game may be harder with some of them ;)

- A totally not serious story without any hidden meaning at all.

The game page, full of unseriousness:

If you like the game, do not hesitate to rate it, comment it and share it with your friend and non-friends. It will always give us a smile ;)

We made a cool big update !

More information here :

Enjoy ;)