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Neural-net evolution in a chill aquatic environment · By urocyongames

After several thousand generations...

A topic by lvngbth created Jun 07, 2021 Views: 148 Replies: 1
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With a higher fruit spawn delay and energy from eating fruit also increased (to see if that increases the evolution of better searching), it's interesting that the average size of Critter has gone up and the average speed gone down.

Given the life expectancy of any of the 'oldest critter' I examine more closely seems so short, I am not totally convinced that they are, in fact, 3333 or whatever generations old.

I do like the way that, when zoomed in, you can often see what they're 'seeing' via changes in colour of their eye.


Making fruit rarer and more rewarding does, in general, tend to promote larger bodies. If there's more energy in the fruit than you can store in your body, not only does the extra nutrition go to waste, but you also have less reserve to see you through to the next meal you find.

"Oldest" is perhaps a misleading choice of words to describe what's being selected for that highlight. All it's looking at is the critter's generation number -- not how long it's been alive.