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Bounce Back Hero

A topic by Dravite Studio created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 204 Replies: 1
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On an epic journey to deliver a valuable package to the Bounce King, you play as Bouncy Hero, one of the king’s most loyal and trusted minions. 

To deliver the package, you’ll have to journey through 4 dangerous, intensely challenging realms. Each realm has beautifully designed, unique graphics as well as monster and obstacles which stand between you and victory. If you touch a monster or an obstacle, you’ll have to start back at the beginning of the level. 

The controls are simple; just tap the arrows on the left and right side of the screen to move your Bounce Hero in that direction. No need to push a bounce button, you’re always bouncing!

Even with easy to understand controls, Bounce Hero is a challenging game. It’ll test your precision and timing as you bounce over and under obstacles, and avoid the monsters. 

Take your time, think about your moves and bounce carefully – you’ll be fine! Well, maybe not. But we wish you luck! 

Bounce Hero – Highlights
• Simple controls; just tap left and right to move
• 4 challenging environments with unique graphics, obstacles and monsters
• Unlock and play as different Bounce Heroes as you collect coins
• Beautifully designed graphics and a relaxing soundtrack
• Compete against others for the top spot on the leader board 

One of the most original bouncing games on Android, Bounce Hero provides just the right level of challenge for a fun, casual game. Perfect for killing time, you’ll be able to enjoy this game for hours on end!

Nice idea. It looks similar at mine idea. Beautiful graphics, although, in my opinion, it is of the "minimalist" type, which, among other things, works very well today. I would not say that the controls are a bit difficult because I have not played to this game yet. Also in my game you can use the mouse to move the ball, but I used another technique (see: BounceB & new adventures Revenge). One question: Why this game is it free?