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Mutiny Island

Mutiny Island is an open-world style pirate game. Reclaim your ship, The Red Dawn, by any means! · By Elushis

Game always crashes when I save and Dream #2 plays.

A topic by comfytoad created Jun 05, 2021 Views: 36 Replies: 1
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Only got to play the game for about a half an hour and got the problem as the topic title says. Whenever I go to sleep and try to save- and it randomizes the dream to Dream #2 I get an error report page. I'm super interested in continuing playing! Losing my progress is super demotivating and I don't want to give up on the game just cause of this. Hope this can be patched somehow! Thanks for your time.


Sorry about that but thank you for sharing! I'll look into it. I plan on releasing a major update soon. 

Game progress saves before the actual dream sequences occur, so you should be okay to continue your file even if the crash on that dream occurs in the future.