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The Lone Knight - A Low Poly, Medieval Action/Adventure

A topic by T Allen Studios created 5 days ago Views: 90 Replies: 3
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Thanks for checking out this Dev Log!

The Lone Knight is an action adventure which takes place in beautiful low poly environments. Currently these environments include a dark yet wondrous forest, a harsh desert, and a bright and beautiful snowy landscape [not in current version]. The game features a combat system and a variety of enemies, though collision detection isn't perfect and the combat isn't too exciting. The games primary strength is it's environments. There are also NPCs and miscellaneous objects throughout these environments which use a dialogue system which allows the player to gain insight to the world in which they are adventuring.

This is my first original game project and I have many ideas for the game but don't want to allow myself to over-size the scope of it. So, how much I add to the game after completing some of the goals I've already set for it will depend on whether or not there is demand for such additions. So try the game and let me know what you would like to see added/improved! 

https://t-allen-studios.itch.io/the-lone-knight Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

The snow scene is approaching completion! Here's some screenshots!

A Helpful NPCGuardians of the Mountain Pass 

Very exciting news! Found a fantastic pack of animations to replace the majority of my self made ones. This really adds to the games look and feel. These replaced animations include:

  • new walking animation
  • new run animation
  • new injured animations
  • new death animation
  • new enemy combat idle animation

These new animations will be available at the same time as the snow level! I'm hoping to have that update out within the next couple days!

Our First Update At Last!

It's been just over a week since The Last Knight was made available for download, and so far it has been downloaded near a 100 times. This may not seem like much, but for my first game I have been stoked thus far. So, here is what is in the update!

  • The Snow Level - Another great low poly level for our knight protagonist to explore, the level features open areas, a castle ruin, mountain pass, and.. well snow of course! The level isn't as large as I was considering making it, but I may go back and extend it at a later time.
  • New Animations - In the original downloads, all of the animations were done by myself. While I was proud of this, I of course realize that their quality was mediocre at best. I was lucky enough to find a great pack of free animations to implement into the game. These new anims include: walk, run, combat idle, hit, and death.
  • Menu Scene + UI - While this point is minuscule, I'd still like to mention it. There are a couple changes to the menu scene layout as well as color and transparency edits to the menu UI. It is my personal opinion that the menu is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you for reading! Please download the update and provide me feedback!

The Lone Knight Updated