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Summoned - A Kinetic novel (16+)

A topic by Semicolonkid created Sep 14, 2017 Views: 175
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WARNING: Summoned contains quite a bit of swearing and some adult themes. The trailer contains a beeped-out expletive.

After a year of work, I've completed the first 2 hours of this 20 hour modern-day supernatural adventure! With over 41,000 words, 270 images, and 16 songs, this solo project has been a massive undertaking!

Flin Paltwell's just a regular guy who accidentally dies one day while on a hiking trip with his girlfriend. But before his soul moves on to the afterlife, a demon lord who goes by the name of Steve stops him and offers him a choice:

A: Move onto the afterlife, whatever that may be, or

B: Stick around and serve him for a year as a conjurable servant who does whatever he's told. After the year is up, Steve will resurrect him and he can go back to the life he wanted!

Flin naturally agrees, and finds himself thrown into a chaotic new lifestyle that mostly just sucks...but it gets better over time as he grows closer to the people that summon him.

Summoned is a semi-dark but ultimately romantic comedy. As Flin grows closer to the people he helps, he sees the struggles going on in their lives...and in turn learns what it means to be a hard worker, a problem solver, a faithful partner, and a loyal friend.

Download the 2-hour demo here:

Here are a few screenshots!