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Friday Night Funkin' Vs

A topic by field (deimos from mc) created May 30, 2021 Views: 4,004 Replies: 445
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Hey Everyone! before this. Im not forcing you in this one. Wanna make a apparition in the mod im making? (Friday Night Funkin' Vs
What im trying to do here is to put all the characters in the community in my mod.
Want to be in?
You must have a sprite sheet. And the character you mainly want to replace.
Example: I have a sprite sheet replacing Pico.

Whats this mod about?
The Mod is basically all the characters that this community made. Naming it "FNF: Itch Community Characters"

edit: no week 7. its not even here yet lol
also no mods its basically normal fnf but with replaced characters


Bf in Week 1,2,3:Taken by NFG

Bf in Week 4: Not taken

Bf in week 6: Taken by Dr_Pamncho

Bf in week 5: Taken by Slippy

Backup Dancers: Taken by dum dum

Mom: Taken by chonk boi

Daddy Dearest: Taken by Hamster Gamer O

Week 5 Background (8 remain): Steve, dh4, Spaceify, Garcello, LiterallyYourMother, dum dum, mmk0, Dr Pancho, we all live in a society

Senpai: Taken by Com

Spirit: Taken by Atsoover

Pico: BravoBeansNG

Girlfriend: Taken by jill

Skid: Taken by "Rog_Mania"

Pump: Taken by "YOUR LOCAL ENA FAN"

Week 5 Daddy Dearest: not taken

Week 5 Mommy Mearest: not taken.

Week 5 Front Spots (4 remain):

Week 5 left spots (0 remain): pog burgers

man i wish i was there

yeah just make it a skin pack

just make it kade engine and the files replaced its that easy

and go ahead and make your own xmls! it cant be that hard right

Deleted 115 days ago


wait make me as BF since not_nick made a mod about me


mhm. i need sprite sheets too (btw with the bf sprites replaced)

yeah I'll try to find it (sadly it doesn't replace week 4, 5, or 6, but it replaces the first 3 weeks.)


Mhm, you'll be a temporary character then (character that appears the first 3 weeks and is gone in the next ones)

found it!


Thanks! ill replace it.


can i be a back round person?

sure i guess thats easy.
you can be in week 5 in the background



jk no one will ever notice 

the itch io default profile picture or your OC

i do have a pfp but im too lasy

hey what about  i do it right now


send it here, ill just add it as a background character in week 5.

youll have to wait i dont have it saved on my computer

yeah yeah just add a blue tint sorry if its not transparent too

ill try to make it transparent


transparent circle cut

horbble attempt


This will work out! You will now be replaced in week 5.



Alright! You're in the background in week 5 now.

front or bottom is the question


theres like five or four spaces for front

4 spaces

that can leave someone else

someone else can enter

someone else can enter



you should use FNF: restored for dialogue btw so it makes sense


sup dh4 haven't seen you in a while


I said hello lol


Thanks for that! Ill download it right now and move the stuff to the restored ver


also btw I can show you how to edit dialogue in-game if you don't know how to


I already know Thanks.

aight no problem

oh but for the dialogue who have to make art for when they speak 

so basically, it shows their head when they speak so you'll have to make some art for that, but nothing else, you can just crop the idle sprite into only the head and replace it with the other dialogue head

fnf restored would make this a ton better


can i be in

i don't have a sprite sheet [if that's okay], but i wanna replace the mom

uhh i guess here's the character i want [my pfp is my roblox character so i'm technically asking for my roblox character ig]


sorryyy you must have a sprite sheet so i can replace it

i guess i'll start working on one tomorrow

you might have to resize it or something, i use ibis paint to make my sprite sheets

i vis paint


i bs paint or i vis paint

ibis paint

if i can't have a sprite sheet, can i at least be in the background of week 5

yeah just get your profile picture out of the way or whatever and put it

I could help out a bit, I'll count how many people can fit in the background of week 5 so brb!



16 people fit




so far like three people want to be in the background

thats like the front row isnt it

unless its five, maybe those can be in front row or something

16 people can fit lol

no like where it has those overwatch characters or something i dont know not the top where theres meat boy and lemon demon

also the hex colors for the background in week 5 (so you can add the certain color of tint and then trace the darker color around it)

Main color you'll use for the tint:


Color you'll use for the outlines:



Thank you! I was just thinking on how to add them if i dont know the colors

yep no problem

and btw if you can't add a tint try replacing the colors with the fill tool


Hey NFG! I wanted to reach out with you to tell you that you're added! 

amazing! thanks :D

add me in the week 5 background since i only got a head



You need to make it transparent.

i dont neeeeeeeeeed

Are you sure? Because if it isn't transparent then the background will cover some of week 5, making it look bad.

Deleted post
(1 edit)

Chonky Boi is working on the sprites, not you.

Deleted post
Deleted 115 days ago

just make pixel art

I just posted this (not a idea for the background of week 5 because it won't look right

nvm id like to be pump

I realized something (thanks dh4)

There are people on the BOTTOM of week 5, so you can replace them as well, I gotta count tho so brb

and for those people they still have color but with a small tint of light blue

alright 4 people fit btw




Thanks Everyone!
I've added NFG as bf in fnf restored.
Ill now add the ones in week 5 background.

However, If you turn out to be in a enemy slot.
You got to tell me what dialogue you want!

No problem! :D

(1 edit)

i changed my mind about the mom, i wanna be a week 5 background character

the image will be here, like, tomorrow.

so try saving a slot for me-



I was gonna say something but I forgot-

im working on the sprite sheet rn

cool but you should add someone on top of you

well it said pump alone so id just let someone edit their character on top of mine

I guess?


basically they edit pump, if another person uses skid. they can use bagger's sprite sheet and edit their oc in top of it

yeah ik



Btw, I'm making a logo for it, sorry if it'll look bad because I'm not the best at art.


Almost finished!


(1 edit)

I have a spritesheet but it's over both skid and pump rip lol

rip but is it possible to delete pump and leave skid

how does it look like? I wanna see it

that looks really good ngl

thanks lmao 

np lol


(1 edit)

i can't really do anything, besides some instrumentals if it is full-on weeks. 

also, I will take an enemy spot if that's possible.

Hey There.
if you wanna take the pico spot. You must have a sprite sheet replacing Pico!

ok ill try

oh you edited lol

so I tried just drawing him.

i might add a few details tho

Hey! You need a sprite sheet of the character you want to replace! :)

ik, i am still doing it

you should rename it into:


Can I have daddy deariest?

Can I be Daddy Dearest?*

Yes, you can, only if you have a sprite sheet.

yea ik but ight give me like two days or so alright?

(1 edit)

I would like to be one of the week 5 background characters

I'm supposed to replace the Henry Stickman ig

I know it's not my own character but I did not take the Garcello username for nothing



Alright! Im gonna add you now.

I wanna be in

well, how do you wanna be in tho, if you wanna be an enemy or character, you gotta have a sprite sheet, 

if you wanna be a background in week 5, just get a drawing of you.

week 4 background? gotta have a sprite sheet of you dancin'.

can I be just a stick with a face in week 5 background?

ask deimos or nfg.


eh literally henry stickmin. okay ill add it

Can this be a week 5  backround character?


thanks dude


well Im kinda better than all of u guys cuz when week 7 comes out on itch I'll basically have my own week and everything. so yeah, get owned



you're stuttering Deimos. Can't handle my presence huh

sorry i posted it double, but good for you if you get your own week

oh yeaaaa, I'm ugh

i just had a idea for one of the intro texts " NEVER USE- ITCH LIGHT MOD" lol

let me be senpai or spirit; im just a freaking hamster

of course but i need the sprite sheet of you replacing spirit or senpai 


n i c e ight im adding it

its over dad

me in week 5


Im gonna start working on the sprite sheet for the background dancers in week 4

Can I be pico 

sorry its supposed to you to have a png sprite sheet, with the character you mainly want to replace

"you use the pico sprite sheet and edit it"

oh yea ok 

i wanna be the backup dancer and a week 5 bg character

you need a sprite sheet replacing backup dancers

however if you wanna be a week 5 bg character. just send a cool drawing and ill put it

im making a sprite for backup dancers, you got a discord?

Field? 7148


me as background character

btw this made by stiff boynana

(1 edit)

Can I be a week 5 bg character?

If i can, here’s the picture

(he replaces monster)

can I be in the week 5 background

make me something like this if you want lol

btw I don't care if you don't add me lol

btw I forgot what color scheme I was supposed to use

Deleted 114 days ago
Deleted 114 days ago
Deleted 114 days ago

show spritesheet

you need to show spritesheet

you'll get a spritesheet soon! im gonna be pump and you edit my spritesheet to add your  character


(1 edit)

i know its not me (because im just a goomba tankman rn) but can you add agent 4 i'll make the base sprites cause i can't make images transparent with the thing im using. i know i can just use fucking paint 3d to make transparent images but i'm not cause the images are low quality. not sure if it's just for me but they are.

edit: agent 4 replace the mother

ight nvm about my character, can I just be in the background of week 5?

can i be the on the left spot on week 5?

(1 edit)

Can I be a background character in week 5?

Maybe I could replace Pico on the left

Here's my character I guess.

Just finished the line-art for pump!

let me have pico

You need sprites though 

good thing im an artist


you're online



Hey Everyone! I was AFK. thanks for giving your pfps and stuff! Im updating the post now.

ok! but theres a slight problem

I dont have discord and i dont want to download it, so i might just send this to you over itch

yeah its fine

alr! im doing he coloring rn and shading but im almost done!

Can i do pico? I already have the sprite sheet but I made it when I was bad at editing so lemme redo it

Yeah. Pico spot is not taken. as long you have a sprite sheet replacing him.

Do I have to do the miss-sprites for pico as well?


nope. its a enemy spot.

almost done!

Sorry if it's stupid, i just use this character a lot in modding


if you wanna be pico show a sprite sheet mainly replacing him.

no wait i actually wanna change to skid

if you wanna be skid show a sprite sheet mainly replacing him

wait but how since who is gonna be pump

someone's gonna be pump shortly and is gonna finish it meanwhile you can edit skid and when the pump person is done you can go ahead and get the sprite sheet and edit your skid in it


im gonna use flipaclip to use the sprite sheets cuz i dont have anything else to make it with

Kleki is a good source

oh ok let me use it

how the heck do i make it transparent a little so i can make it-


Ok i recommend editing on the original sprite sheet so its easier to edit it on the mod!

(1 edit) (+1)

first one done 


woah ngl that looks amazing 

NOOOO BRAVO TOOK PICO, rip i was already working on my sprite lmao

bro welcome back!

eh not for long, tbh i might actually leave the community soon

oh well thats a bummer

yeah im not as inactive as i used to be, prob leave after i finish the mod with NFG


well good luck!

will do


im done with the sprite sheet do i just need to color it? 

ya if you want to you can leave it not colored

could you make that a transparent image and without the 10 opacity skid n pump so i can edit it to my pump art


testing to see if it worked 

ok! thanks

your welcome (some of the white did not get out)

yoooo i finished my spritesheet for pump do you want me to send it now?

ill take that as a yes, PS its kind of buggy so if you need to fix some stuff please do! ^^

yo! you just took the spot for pump! Thanks for sending sprites.


Show post...

sex vs your mom


k im done

heya you took the spot for skid!


me saying yeah as the unused yeah animation 

bro they should have a text bubble to speak and in week 3 nfg will say this might be his last week to rap battle 

hey, yes i have text bubbles in the mod!


because I had to get freaky on a Friday night with the alternate female version of me 😏

bro stop >:( 


if you can find a use, you can use these. Just credit stiff Boynana aight

(1 edit)

May I replace GF? 

My persona is Basically my PFP.

Lady arachne.

I am busy working on commissions though so i will not have time to draw my own sprite sheets. 


Show post...

can i replace senpai i have a sprite sheet

Yes, you can! You'll have to send them though.

Show post...

here's the sprite sheet :)

bruh no

Show post...


Show post...

do you want me to add a stick fig around the faces?

idk man you need to put effort into this not some low-quality shit cause then the mod will be bad

Show post...

fine then i will add stick figs around the faces

k and maybe some clothing and color

Show post...


Show post...

basicly senpai will be as barebones as possibly. like he is still being worked on

Show post...

here's the sheet

looks good!

yoo can some of my text if youre using like the restored or sum is this:

(nfg says something)

eh..? sorry im not into that shit.

(another dirty thing nfg says)

Nono no, no seggs


Then theres only one way to settle this! 


"why im trying to beat week 323229382"

well now were in week 2,

i dont make the rules buddy

"fine :/"

woo-hoo! Spookez here we goo!

"hey wait what did nfg even say i had my headphones"

Deleted 114 days ago
Show post...

here's the image to use

dont know if u saw or not but I finished pico

yeah i saw it

Show post...

can i replace senpai

my profile is literally skid n pump

lmao make if you can make vs skittles

Can I be mom 


hold here’s one with glow

i wanna be in week 5

background art (ill make it transparent later)

im just gonna waste my time doing this arent I? Can I take 4 5 & 6? I might keep the BF's Body but it will be recolored to my colors :D

go here

or here

but please go to this community

no one is coming

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go to hell



Show post...

go to hell

these are getting deleted quite quickly

Show post...

go to hell

i need u here



if your human say cuck my UwU 


i dont want to 

then your a bot


cuck my UwU

you pass now pls stop 

Show post...

go to hell

Show post...

go to hell

Show post...

go to hell

Show post...

go to hell

My dialouge shoule be: Holy shit dude i'm in a mod, whatever let's battle broksi.

hey can I see the back up dancers?


low quality on purpose

omg yes

can I make a week 4 background?

can I make a week 4 background 


yo can i also be added into the fromt bg of week 5 if its open..?

Can I be in the BG 

You need a transparent image

can i be senpai and over versions of me in the back of week 6

Show post...

you know i'm probably gonna get senpai

o srry i didnt see ur post

Show post...

you can get the girls in the background tho

ok i need to draw a girl version of myself in pixel. man thats gonna be hard

Show post...

or you could ingorn the pixels and make it normal non pixeled

Can i draw some poster art for this mod with all the characters?

that would look so sick


Show post...

my would stick out the most because IT'S A FRICKING STICKMAN AND HE'S BLUE

and i need bob sprite sheets that are big too

Show post...

can i replace senpai. field? i have a sprite sheet

yes, you can

Show post...

i'm talking to the creater of the topic not you

yeah but I kinda also work for the more but ok

Show post...

senpai is blue stickman confirmed???///???//??


Show post...



Show post...

AND HE SHAKES IN GAME (idk why that happens)

try fixing it then 

put this in the week 5 background

you need transparent images

i cri

i made this on ms paint

and i have no image editor 

so i cant do anything abt it ;-;

yeah sorry bud

Show post...

can i see Spirit's replacement sheet


i made a menu background!



wheres our icons for week 2

also quick question can you recreate me cuz it's to pixelated

sure! ill try


sorry to interrupt but we need the purple and blue variant 

oh! ill do that after the remaster of rog 

alright then

nfg get on discord everyone's online

Show post...

me no like discord


icons for week 4 

Show post...



Fack you.

go fuck yourself past me ):<

fuck you

once again i fucking hate you stop copying my name

Show post...

i made icon for my stickman guy

guys join this

Show post...

can i be in the background of week 5?

Show post...

here's what to use if you add me

this should be better for the background 

Show post...



is it ok if I can be in week 5 background to?

add my little 6 second drawing in for the week 5 background

Show post...

did i get into the mod?


does my post just not exist now? what the hell?

Show post...

can i replace the parents from week 5? 

Show post...

here the sprite  sheet


it’s nothing 

Show post...

what do you mean

it doesn’t show up

Show post...

big oof

accept the request and send it there

Show post...

well here's the link to it

ur gonna have to make something else 

Show post...


ME BE IN WEEK 5 BACKROUND AAAAAAAAAAA (why sprite sheet just draw my glasses on the top lol

I am allowed to do multiple?, cause I wanna do week 6 bf

yeah that's ok


I don't know if you can add more than 1 but here's another background character

Snatcher man

aaaaaaa this took a long time, anyways heres the unfinished poster, gonna add more once more characters get added to the demo

Show post...

where download link to demo there

Show post...

this is pog

Could you put me in there 

(1 edit)

daddy dearest is taken you could be senpai maybe? spirits taken you can be angery senpai and happi

no in the poster I’m already mom

thats sick dude

t-pose accepts this


I chould take the role as week 5 dad

But my pfp is just bf :/

I mean if you make some art go for it


i wanna be the lemon monster, you can just use the vs trollface over zardy sprites


hola field, unsure if you already saw this but i remade the sprites from a request!

im replacing bf christmas

bro how do i know if your the real slippy who makes thoses vs videos

make a video on or a link on your channel to PROVE you're slippy

no make video saying your in a mod call vs


No i am see


Replaces christmas bf

week 4 bf

no you won't fit

Do the flop motherfuckers

everybody do the flop!

*does the flop into a pit full of spikes and fire*




ah man

holy shit we forgot abt this

Show post...

i bought it from the ded

(2 edits)

Zidebo I did though

Show post...

no i bought the topic back