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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki


A topic by AtomBen created Sep 11, 2017 Views: 1,315 Replies: 19
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how do you exit canoe in autonauts


Right click the canoe again, you have to point your mouse centered on the lower part of the canoe.


Right click any adjacent tile :)


That works too I guess :^)


Thanks you should make a tutorial in game

i got in a canoo without a paddle and im stuck helppppppppppppp


Use RMB on any adjacent tile :)

What do you need to craft it?


You can make them on the Basic Workbench.

Plz say

thx i needed that

it dident work im still stuck

i found a glitch if you get in a canoo then hold  a peice of metal and left click the ground anywhere you can walk on water

im freeeeeeeeee

im retardeeeeeeeeed

specifically what items do you need?


It tells you when you hover your cursor over the Workbench.

how do you get in a canoe

hey guys please tell me how to get in a canoe


With a Paddle in your hands, right click on it. To get out use RMB on any adjacent tile :)