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make fnf songs in song maker

A topic by mini sus imposter among us ඞ created May 27, 2021 Views: 48,121 Replies: 146
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Deleted post

It sounds cool

Deleted post

I made it more chill

and i ruined that

i made it longer

And i ruined it

bro wtf is wrong with you

you fckin idiot

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I made the end better Remixed into nice beat Ingostar290 :)


bro that sounds NOICE!

Okay so how does this work?

remix lol


that doesnt even sound like  chiller but ok

I made a remix lol

I made is faster and more notes lol

phase 2 i decided to remix the whole thing kinda


I've made a few tweaks i changed it 

Deleted 356 days ago
Deleted post

wait it didnt pop up for u? lemme check

alrr added correct link sorry abt that

Deleted post

How tf did you make chiller?

use 187 tmp. at the song



i made artightthen first set in this:



cccccccccccccol guy me make

(1 edit) (+2) is a song from garcello mod

Hey i made some fixes to it the link is: plz respond what you think about it :)

Sounds really good actully!

thank you ☺

I Made Involver


made a song! try it out!!!

cool fnf song

u speaking to me if u are than thx


are you gonna make a mod

hope it will be soon into fnf and make a mod that a little boy called leo

the mario image on that persons acc is funny and i like the song u made

the mario image on that persons acc is funny and i like the song u made

i wish i new how to post a link :.(

first time making a song, attempted to make a.g.o.t.i

hello garcelooooooooooooooooololololol

hmmmm no animation lol

oh it dint save wait igot this this i it this is the real i forgot the number heh

i made it so it loops

(2 edits)

I added some beats



i made a remix what should this mod be? (Do NOT steal.)

i made thorns and lost the link

E i made one

I made a song and I'm very proud of it especially since it's my first but I am planning to make a mod so if anyone has any character designs or songs they'd like me to use please ask and I might use them :)

hey i just made this and wanted to know what you guys think


here is first song

sounds so relaxing

i made happy hope you like rate plz

Hey are you still alive?

if you have discord dont doubt to send me an message

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what are u talkin bout

i was born in 2015 wdym

shaggy impossible i cannot beat its funy XD



Check this out i listened to that part for a while to make it i hope you like it!

I made my own fnf song lel




Pink soldier squid game: fast lightning

I call it basic song sadly i dont know how make it longer maybe when i know how to make it longer i wii make a extended version

My song:

I really like this song i made, i hope you do too

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cool dude

Made vidya gaems:

hey guys I made a song check it out

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Here Is A sneak peak of my mods last song "Bullyed" from vs robert:

here is a updated version of the sneak peek of my mods last song "Bullyed" from vs robert:

MILF But Boyfriend and Mommy Mearest are singing at the same time.

I made this song the begging sounds a bit like megalovania for some reason I made an fnf song! <: bring out a rock it slite

For a new mod coming out with gta 6 and minecraft 2

Here it is:

I Have Made An Epik Song, Try Make It Better

I think it is bad

I don’t actually know!

mine is bad

Among us

and I made this



new but not from song maker :(


New Super Super Hard FNF mod Super Super Hard Mode Lol here:

yo made a tune, can someone make it a mod and send me the link to the mod?


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how r u


 i made my own song if that's ok


So i made run..

just something I made real quick-, so I made a fnf song. Aaaand...... I kinda liked it?

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click on this to get to my song! click this for another song!

wanna see this? its better

ok so like what does everyone think about my fnf song idea??

it's bad

honestly this is fire, but i thought the end could have used more work so i made some changes to the end

why did you reply to me dipshit

nah  bro i replied to them, chill bro


ok bro chill out, it was my bad im sorry, do you miss your dad to much

hahahaa you're so funny no you fucking retard i live with my dad and i hate him

damn bro im sorry, but pls calm down more often instead of just getting mad at everyone

but bro, can you rate this for me

honestly that is very good :)

its still fire but i made a few more changes

wrong link

i decided to use  ingostar290's format and try to remix is as best as i can

(1 edit) anyone help me with this

imp 2212121212121212

Deleted 10 days ago

i made it soo good


i made a better song hope you like it

I made one now:)

I made one now:)