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PC Building Simulator Demo

Practice your dream build with the demo of PC Building Simulator! · By Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation

doesn't work on windows 10

A topic by Orangeee created Sep 09, 2017 Views: 2,830 Replies: 4
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so last night I installed it and it loads up but, when hit play it says there is an issue so I tried to fix it but it doesn't give ma an option as to pick windows 10 so if you have windows 10 and it works please let me know thx

Same message: There should be 'PC Building Simulator_Data' folder next to the executable?

go into the files and click on the application then click extract all that's what i did and mine works fine

Make sure you extract all... If it still does it put it all into a folder on your desktop or wherever and then try again... Works for me everytime... Don't have it purely on your desktop because a lot of .exe's usually stop when they look at too many programs (Desktops have a lot) and then stop searching, thus causing it to not find the data folder

Do you have a fatal error type that says cant be found I have the same thing